Farewell .........to Kendrick and........Kenji. Last evening in Hawaii; participated in huge BYUH cultural night activity with Samoan Association A sure "sign" we are back in CANADA!   Welcome back dinner at Louise's home in Abbotsford. Attending the Vancouver Temple with Bob [Read more...]

March 2016

NOTE: the posted photos are of poor quality since most are taken on a cell phone.  Elder McCollum's camera broke-down or wore-out in the salty humid climate of Hawaii! MARCH 2016 St. Patrick's Celebrations and the Easter Season Elder and Sister McCollum enjoy a Celtic Concert presented on [Read more...]


GROUNDHOG DAY Here in Hawaii few locals know little about "Groundhog Day"; they are not familiar with the tradition of a rodent predicting when spring will arrive in the northern hemisphere.  Tradition: If the creature sees its shadow, then 6 more weeks of winter will follow.  Having lived many [Read more...]


FLAG RAISING Elder & Sister Jeppson (Utah), Jane-Lyn Scotty (Nauru), Sister & Elder McCollum (AB, Canada) squint from the bright morning sun as they face East with the newest flag on the "flag circle" at BYUH flying just above them.  President Tanner presides at the ceremony on [Read more...]