We Gain When We Give Away

Luke 6:38 “Give and it shall be given unto you….the same measure that you mete it shall be measured to you again.” As mentioned before, Senior Missionaries are assigned to attend one of the student wards. Elder and Sister McC are assigned to BYUH 3rd Married Student Ward. Just so our “friends [Read more...]


Yes,"...the tender mercies of the Lord" 1Nephi 1:20 are certainly present each day of our mission if we but take time to recognize these mini-miracles and thank our Heavenly Father.  We know the same is true in each of your lives too, if you but recognize these blessings. We will share a few of [Read more...]

WE HAVE WHEELS – Six of Them

BABY BLESSING: We attend Campus 3rd Ward/married students. Our meeting times are Noon - 3pm. The first Sunday of each month is called FAST SUNDAY. Not because the church service goes fast or quickly but since we come to our Church Meeting fasting (read on). On the first Sunday of the month, if [Read more...]

Sunday at the MTC

Sunday, a wonderful "first" day at the MTC.  Breakfast is followed by Sacrament Meeting at 8:15 am, all in the Wilford Woodruff  Administration Building (19 buildings in complex).  Walk to Lorenzo Snow mult-ipurpose building to view broadcast, "Music & the Spoken Word"; then Elder McCollum [Read more...]


NOVEMBER MISSION PREPARATION: Free ourselves of most furniture & many of our worldly goods.  Move out of rental complex in Abbotsford. Farewell dinners and goodbyes. Visit our children and grandchildren and extended family; have phone visits with distant family. Nov 13-15:   Travel to [Read more...]