NOVEMBER/Nowemapa 2015 – #2

  NOVEMBER FAMILY BIRTHDAYS Sister McCollum, along with extended family remember the birth date of her father,      A. Glen Jensen: born November 6, 1914; passed on August 28, 2013.  Missing you dad! Two of Elder and Sister McCollum's children also have birthdays in November.         [Read more...]

NOVEMBER/Nowemapa 2015 – #1

   THE CLOCK Since Hawaii does not use Day Light Saving Time, all those living in Hawaii do not have to deal with the spring and fall side effects of going off and on DST. In Hawaii the time zone is called HAT: Hawaii-Aleutian Time.  (The Aleutian’s islands are part of Alaska). BTW, the city of [Read more...]


FLOOD WARNINGS Throughout September and October, Cell phones DING DING forecasting Emergency Warnings for flash flooding on Oahu. Finally warnings really happen on BYUH campus but no flooding in the Centre for Academic Success.  A small lake "grows" outside the door. The water [Read more...]

Six Month Marker

TIME FLIES Elder and Sister McCollum entered the Missionary Training Centre December 29, 2014.  Now it's July and the sixth month marker has passed!  Elder and Sister McCollum feel that time does go by faster  and faster each week as they serve here on the campus of BYUH. Are Elder and Sister [Read more...]