Farewell .........to Kendrick and........Kenji. Last evening in Hawaii; participated in huge BYUH cultural night activity with Samoan Association A sure "sign" we are back in CANADA!   Welcome back dinner at Louise's home in Abbotsford. Attending the Vancouver Temple with Bob [Read more...]

March 2016

NOTE: the posted photos are of poor quality since most are taken on a cell phone.  Elder McCollum's camera broke-down or wore-out in the salty humid climate of Hawaii! MARCH 2016 St. Patrick's Celebrations and the Easter Season Elder and Sister McCollum enjoy a Celtic Concert presented on [Read more...]


GROUNDHOG DAY Here in Hawaii few locals know little about "Groundhog Day"; they are not familiar with the tradition of a rodent predicting when spring will arrive in the northern hemisphere.  Tradition: If the creature sees its shadow, then 6 more weeks of winter will follow.  Having lived many [Read more...]