May/June 2018 Farewell CEM

TIME DOES FLY: As our Canada Edmonton Mission came to an end there was so much to do and just not enough time!

(Lack of time explains why this last blog posting is late!)

MAY: At last we saw signs of Spring: the ‘break-up’ of the North Saskatchewan River and finally Spring blooms!

2018 05 No SK river    Sam spring


2018 05 S & Brady  2018 05

2018 05 Iris  2018 05 S&S

2018 05 Try a trade  2018 05 Try a trade

ARTS EVENING – Eagleview Comprehensive High School

Display of sketches, paintings, drawings, hair-dos, nails, musical entertainment, woodwork displays etc. Setting up for event.  Sam and the shop teacher testing out student word-work project.

2018 05 ECHS 2018 05 ECHS 2018 05 Arts 2018 05 ECHS 2018 05 ECHS


After a day of serving in the high school and in the upgrading classroom, we took a long detour to Paradise Hill, Saskatchewan.

We stopped at a western shop and found a photo opportunity for Sister Jones and Sister Machado.

2018 05 Sis Jones 2018 05 Sis Mechado

Then we visited with Lloydminster Branch member, June Hudy.  Here is a photo of ‘author’ June E. Hudy with her published works.  (All four books highly recommended “reads”.)

June is the wife of Henry Hudy that we visited on a regular basis at the Jubilee Nursing Home in Lloydminster, SK.

JUne books

Sam and Jeannine treated ‘Gabby’ and ‘Rylee” (Note: the young Sister Missionaries are called by their first names when out serving at Onion Lake Cree Nation) to dinner at the local Paraside Hill Restaurant run by Meehee and Changsik Youn, a LDS Korean couple.  Jeannine enjoyed a Korean vegetarian meal that was on the menu.


ONION LAKE and a POW WOW! For all the many times that we drove out to the Onion Lake Cree Nation, we have never seen the actual Onion Lake.  Jeannine asked some of the teachers at the Cree Immersion school if they could draw a map, showing the roads that we needed to take to view Onion Lake.   McCollums and Kunkels enjoyed a picnic lunch on a beautiful spring day, in the car on a muddy road beside the lake.

2018 05 map OLCN 2018 o5 OL

After our lunch, we drove back to the Arena at Onion Lake Cree Nation for an inter-school Pow wow.  We saw many students that we’ve come to know and their families.  Each school brought in a decorated staff (walking stick) for the opening ceremony followed by a procession of the leaders and dancers who participated in the competitions.  The event reminded Sam and Jeannine of community cultural events they attended in the village of Laie, Oahu, Hawaii with entertainment by students from the local schools that were very well attended by their extended families.

parade staff 2018 05 0pening J

2018 05 parade

Prairie Chicken Dance and the Shawl Dance.

2018 05 chicken dance  2018 05 Fancy shawl dance

Regalia Costumes:

2018 05 costume  PW child  Costume 3 copy

Costume 5 copy  Costume 1 copy  2018 05 costume

Our friend Anne Stonechild with two of her grandchildren.We were grateful to attend our last Pow wow at Onion Lake Nation.

Anne copy


2018 LLC HOG 2018 05 Clint Chochan

2018 05 LLC HOG 2018 05 LLC HOG

2018 LLC HOG 2018 05 LLC HOG

2018 05 2018 05 Thank you

LAKELAND COLLEGE: Convocation May 2018 conducted by VP Michael Crowe.

2018 LLC M. Crowe

2018 o5 LLC grad


2018 05 LLC

FIELDS SERVICE & PROJECTS: Upgrading classroom (mentoring and tutoring), Native Friendship Centre in Lloydminster (reading program)

Upgrade copy 2018 06 Sisters: Machado, Jones & Rob

Below, Sam and Jeannine were excited to meet the granddaughter of Allan Sapp, a famous Cree Nation Artist who was awarded the Order of Canada.  A. Sapp Art Gallery is dedicated to his paintings in North Battleford SK. He passed away in 2017.

2018 06 Gda A. Sapp

Here is a photo of Sister Kunkel having a video interview with Robert Hatch a videographer who came to Lloydminister to film and interview portions of FIELDS First Flight training with students and the various FIELDS service projects.


FINAL….FIRST FLIGHT CHALLENGE PROGRAM: Sam and Jeannine got some photos of the last class we taught at ECHS and presenting the certificates to the students.

2018 06 ECHS 2018 FF

FF 1 FF 2

Goodbyes at ECHS:  in the middle photo, Jeannine is carrying one of the blankets we were presented.

2018 06 ECHS FF leave copy  2018 06 ECHS

LLOYDMINSTER BRANCH, LDS CHURCH  UPDATES:  We attended the baptism of 8 yr old Mackenzie Trainer, one of the children in the Primary class that we taught each Sunday.

2018 05 Mackensie Trainer

Recent convert to the church, 79 year old Henry Hudy (whom we visited most evenings at the Jubilee Nursing Home) with photos of the young sisters visiting Henry.

Henry Henry 3 copy

Saturday May 19th, we attended a convert baptism for Katie McNeily.  She was taught by Sister Jones and Sister Machado.  (Look how the Sisters coordinated their outfits!) Katie’s husband approved of her decision to join the LDS Church and he attended her baptism.

2018 05 Katie

We also attended the baptism of 8 year old Zakary Bennett, another of the children that attended the primary class that we taught. Zakary’s family were very excited to have a baby girl join their family. Here is a photo of our primary class: L to R:Natalie, Luke, Mackenzie and Zak.

Primary copy

CANADA EDMONTON MISSION – OUR LAST ZONE CONFERENCE and last Senior Missionary Activity in Edmonton.  Activities included: a visit to the Muttart Conservatory and a BBQ.  It was the only time that we had seen our mission president and his wife in casual clothing!  After the Conservatory tour we drove East of the city to attend a BBQ at the lake cabin of the Appletons (Pres. Appleton is a counsellor to the mission president).

2018 05 Conservatory 2018 05 Conservatory

Elder and Sister Burnett, S&J, Elder and Sister Kunkel who served with us in Lloydminster.

2018 05 Conservatory 2018 05 Conservatory 2018 05 Conservatory

Below: Senior Missionaries & Mission Presidency of the Canada Edmonton Mission.

CEM seniors copy 2

GIFT we received from President and Sister Pattison.

2018 06 03 CEM in 2018 06 03 CEM out 2018 06 2018 06

FAMILY – MOTHER’s DAY 2018, May 13, 2018: Jeannine created a poster to share with family to “remember” mothers in our family.

2018 05 M. Day

Jeannine was delighted with a bouquet of flowers delivered to her missionary apartment and a card that arrived in the mail from her grandsons: Samuel and Henry McCollum.

2018 05 M.Day  2018 06 S&H

Great-grandson Rohnan with his mommy, our granddaughter Caesha McCollum Anderson/ Fraser Valley, British Columbia


A trip to France for granddaughter Nyah who lives in UK with our son Cliff & his wife Deanna.

N Paris

Colorado Grandsons: Cooper in his costumes for a school play, Thayer‘s high school grad, and Elder Ethan McCollum returns home from his 2 year missionary service.

Cooper play  Thayer Ethan

Oregon Grandsons -Rowan Berry and Logan Berry: 16 year old Rowan with a 4.73 weighted GPA chosen as valedictorian; he will attend Brigham Young University Provo Utah Fall 2018.

Rowan metal Rowan

Elder Logan Berry with his parents, Jason and Leah at the Missionary Training Centre in Provo Utah where Logan was set-apart to serve for two years in the Ecuador Guayaquil West Mission.


CALGARY ALBERTA: Here we are in Calgary with the family crew we were so thankful for who helped us unload our boxes etc.

Left to Right Back Row: Brett (son) and Tom Jensen (Jeannine’s brother;

Left to Right Front: Andrew (son) Maxwell (grandson), Jeannine, Griffin (grandson), Jared (son), Sam, Hunter (grandson)

2018 06 09 unload CEM

Sons L to Rt: Brett, Jared and Andrew

2018 06 09 return CEM help


We tended grandchildren Lincoln, Autumn and Ryder while their parents Andrew and Andrea celebrated their wedding anniversary in Scotland being the old and the modern.

LAR 1 copy LAR 2 copy

Andrew Scotland A&A scotland Andrea Scotland

We’ve also been enjoying spending time, giving service and being chauffeur to Jeannine’s sister Glenda as she recovers from knee surgery. We also have been going to acupuncture treatments given by our son Jared, and attending granddaughter Autumn’s dance recital etc.

Mission 2017-18   Clinic copy  Dance

Attended a play presented by Calgary Alberta Bow River Stake to commemorate the martyrdom of the prophet of the restoration, Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum.

Play Crew

WHAT WILL WE DO NEXT? Well, we want to visit Waterton, visit family in southern Alberta, drive to Banff and Jasper, visit friends and family in British Columbia, visit family in Utah and Colorado and in September a 3 week visit to the United Kingdom to visit family and be tourists! ALSO, prepare to sell our home , and make more visits to family before we begin preparing for another mission Spring 2019.

This is why we want to visit the  ROCKIES of WESTERN CANADA!!

IMG_9419 Waterton National Parks,Maligne Lake, Spirit Island, Jasper









  1. Elsie and John

    HI!! Thanks for the photos and updates. Wishing you well in your visiting and travels. Look forward to hearing of your new adventures next spring. BLESSINGS!

  2. Linda Arnold

    I know you will be missed by the people you served on your mission but your will continue to bless all you serve where ever you are. I am sure you family is happy to see more of you too. Lots of Love Brian and Linda

  3. Kay Ridley

    Thanks for the up date. So happy that you had such a wonderful time on your mission. Looks like you already came to Waterton… Some places look the same and others not. Ho well it will be back for our great grandchildren . Give us a call when you have time. 403 653 1365. Love Kay

  4. Sheila Wright

    Loved reading your blog and enjoyed the pictures! We were happy to see you at Christmas even though we didn’t get to Lloyd’. Down east probably the same meaning hard to visit. LovrR and S!

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