APRIL 2018 “There is life after winter”

The clock is ticking.  Thus far, we’ve received NO word that a replacement set of senior missionaries are called and will arrive before we leave.  Elder and Sister Kunkel will be here until mid-August, so there should be at least one couple arriving in the summer.

Are you or anyone you know available and interested in  service here in the Canada Edmonton Mission?  If so, check out this information and contact the senior missionary department of the LDS church!  READ BELOW:

Ad for couple

We were blessed to start out APRIL by visiting SPRING-time in OREGON for four days.  In this corner of AB/SK the first week of April, it was Easter Break for students/teachers  so our service opportunities were on hold in the schools.

Worldwide General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was held Easter Weekend with many new beginnings announced.

President Russell M. Nelson

President Russell M. Nelson

  1. Membership of the Church had the opportunity to sustain our new prophet, seer and revelatory, President Russell M. Nelson.
  2. Members will now love, support and care for one another under a program called, “Ministering”, as we attempt to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.
  3. Adult/Melchizedek Priesthood Quorums (Elder and High Priests) in the wards and branches of the church will be combined.
  4. Seven new LDS temples were announced across the world including temples for India and Russia bringing the blessing of temple attendance nearer for the growing church membership.


2018 04 CEM Zone Conf

Again we were blessed… since our missionary Zone Conference was held on Wednesday April 4th at 10am in Edmonton.  We enjoyed the opportunity to meet with the young missionaries and be taught by President and Sister Pattison followed by a brief stop at the CEM Office to visit with Elder and Sister Burnett and Elder and Sister Kerr, senior missionaries who help keep our CEM running!  We found this posting  on the wall and learned that Sister Baxter was being transferred and Sister Gehring joining the missionaries serving in Lloydminster and with the FIELDS organization.

2018 04 CEM office

We left Zone conference.   We then drove to find a parking stall for our vehicle and took a shuttle to the Edmonton Airport.  We flew (using our and our daughter’s air miles) to Seattle/Medford Oregon to enjoy four wonderful “Spring” days, visit the temple and spend time with the Berry Family: Jason (son-in-law), Leah (our daughter), and grandsons Logan and Rowan.

2018 04 1 2018 04 2 2018 04 3 2018 04 4

Here are our accommodations in the “Master” bedroom; look out the window and see an apple orchard and doves walking the fence line.

 Grandson Logan Berry invited Grandpa Sam McCollum to be his Escort for his first visit to the temple.  Logan has been called to serve in the Ecuador Guayaquil West Mission – Spanish Speaking.

Temple 1    2018 04 Temple

The opportunity to enjoy “Spring” was an added blessing of our time in Oregon. GREEN grassland FUN!

2018 04 OR grass Oregon Fun

Oregon spring 1 Oregon all

2018 04 OR walk


We were soon back at our mission service sharing FIRST FLIGHT Challenge program with High School students at ECHS, .

2018 04 FF 3 2018 04 FF 2 2018 04 FF 1

JUBILEE NURSING HOME – Visits with Brother Henry Hudy

While having a short tour of the nursing home where Henry lives, we discovered an amazing mural in the dining room. It tells the story of the community around Lloydminster where most residents lived before moving to the Jubilee: the farms, the small towns, the oil rigs, the grain elevators, the storage tanks for the heavy oil.

2018 Mural 3 2018 Mural 4 2018 Mural 5

2018 Mural 6 2018 Mural 7

2018 MUral 2018 Mural

When Henry’s wife June celebrated her birthday, she drove in from Paradise Hill and four of us gathered in Henry’s room to sing for June and share a birthday cake.

2018 04 HUDYs


2018 04 Anne Stonechild   2018 04 Kihew

Sam and Jeannine worked with Anne S. to review her key accomplishment resume.  Anne is a lovely spiritual First Nations woman, who is raising two preschool age grandchildren, like many grandmothers at OLCN.  While at the Adult Upgrading class, we went into the gym to enjoy a morning assembly of the Cree Immersion Elementary School also housed at Kihew School.  While drummer Waskewitch sang and beat a rhythm on his drum, the children sang along with him and danced traditional First Nation steps.  Near the end of the dancing and singing, the children and teachers formed a circle and invited us to join them in a round dance before the children danced their way back to their classrooms.


elevator Paradise

The three young sister missionaries spent their day tutoring in the Adult Upgrading classroom.  Sometimes we drive them in our vehicle to save their limited kilometres on their mission vehicle.  On the way back to the city from Onion Lake,  we headed East into Saskatchewan to show them the little village of Paradise Hill.  LDS Church members that live in this village, attend church in the LDS Lloydminster Branch.

Stop #1 Red River Wagon     This village was one of the stops along the pioneer Carlton Trail  between Winnipeg and Edmonton.  Many of the travellers used Red River carts, named after a river valley in Manitoba.   L to R: Sister Machado (Texas), Sister Goehring (Texas) and  Sister Jones (Utah) enjoyed the photo opportunity.

2018 04 Paradise    2018 04 Sisters

Stop #2 Paradise Grocers   This shop owners are Peter & Miran Choi, a Korean couple who are LDS Church Members.  The young sister missionaries were pleased to see that Brother Choi offered copies of the Book of Mormon in English and Korean in his shop.

2018 04 store 2 2018 04 store 1

Stop #3 Paradise Hill Restaurant        This local spot serves lunch and dinner; it is owned by Changsik and Meehee Youn, also a Korean couple who attend the LDS church.  Their two sons, Jimmy (Chimin) and Jason (Chinha) attend the local high school; the boys are ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood and pass the Sacrament to the congregation each Sunday.  Both boys are accomplished pianists.  (Below in the blog, read about the music concert where they performed and we attended.)


Stop #4  Seniors Complex     The five of us visited with June Hudy, the wife of Henry who lives in the Jubilee Nursing Home in Lloydminster.   It was an opportunity for the young sisters to get to know June; she shared how she was introduced to the church over 40 years ago through a work friend. When she opened a business in Claresholn AB, it was beside an accounting office; the accountant asked her if she would answer his phone in exchange for his doing her company books.  The first time she answered his office phone, the person on the line said, “Is the Bishop there?”  June replied, “You’ve got the wrong number.”  (Her only experience with “bishops” was with either the Catholic and Anglican churches).  The caller said, ” I’ve got the correct number.  I’m calling for George.  Is he there?”  June came to find out the accountant was also Bishop of the local congregation of the LDS Church.  June and her children also made friends with a neighbourhood family.  These children invited June’s children to go to “Primary” held at their Church after school once a week.  Long story short, June and her two children started regularly attending the LDS Church and a few months later were baptized.  After an interesting visit, we made the 45 minute drive to Lloydminster.

FIRST FLIGHT: We have created business-card sized cards for each of the 8 Challenges to give to participants.  It is our hope that these weekly reminders will assist participants in pondering each challenge and preparing to share their thoughts at the following class concerning the Assignment given at the end of each presentation.

FF cards


5 Best Things about Elder and Sister McCollum’s Service in the Canada Edmonton Mission:
1. We appreciate getting to know the Cree First Nation students.  Today at the High School on the reservation in our Challenge Presentation we talked about the ‘great creator”.  Most of them do “smudging” in their homes, which is a form of prayer to the great creator.  Most do not know or understand that the Great Creator is Jesus Christ.
Smudging is burning sweet grass or sage, as the smoke rises, it carries their “pray” towards the Great Creator.  As the smoke rises, they capture some of the smoke by cupping it in their hands, it is perhaps their way to send part of their spirit to the Great Creator.  It is all about symbolism.
2. We enjoy driving out in the country as we head north from the city towards the reservation.  The land is gentle rolling hills with clumps of trees dotting the land.  The trees are not tall like at the West Coast, but in the spring, summer and fall they add great colour to the hills.  We also enjoy crossing over the mighty North Saskatchewan River.
3. We get the opportunity to drive once a month to Edmonton to attend the Edmonton LDS Temple.  We find time to do a little family research and take an “ancestor” to the temple with us by proxy!
4. We enjoy working with the young sister missionaries that serve here in this little city.  They also serve with us through the FIELDS organization about 30 hours a week, helping the Cree Nation people in an upgrading class as tutors for adults that never got to finish high school.  We also get to go to training meetings/Zone Conferences with many young missionaries in Edmonton and occasionally the weekly District Meetings if we can fit it into our FIELDS schedule.
5. We also get to serve in the small branch of the church here in Lloydminster.  We are primary teachers to the 7 year olds, helping prepare them for baptism.  We assist  the Young Adults in planning and attend activities with them usually 2X a month.
2 Hard Aspects of our Mission
1.  We grew tired of the LONG COLD winter.  But today we noticed the temperature outside our car was 0C.  WOW!  We’ve had below -20C for over 2 months!
2.  We miss our children/spouses, grandchildren and our 1 great-grandchild…but since all of you are very spread out, it is good to have the opportunity to service others.

Elder and Sister McCollum have missed the opportunities they enjoyed at BYUH to attend free or reasonably priced plays and concerts.  The local college in Lloydminster has a lot of concerts but the cost is usually pricey.   When we heard that two of the young men from the Lloydminster LDS Church  would be performing at the local Music Festival, we decided to attend. The Kiwanis Music Festival movement consists of regional music competitions,  named after the Kiwanis service clubs which generally support the events. Typically, musicians are given the opportunity to perform and compete for scholarships.  The competition in Lloydminster was held at the United Church on main street.

We were able to attend two excellent session.  The adjudicator from the Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music was excellent and most enjoyable to listen to as he addressed the students and handed out the wards.
The Youn Family live in Paradise Hill; the parents operate a restaurant.  Their sons are named Chinha (Jason 15y) and Chimim (Jimmy 12y).  The photo below, shows the boys with their piano teacher and their mother.
2018 05 Jimmy Youn 2018 Lloyd united church 2018 05 Youn fm/teacher
More News From Medford Oregon
Our 16 year-old grandson ROWAN BERRY with a 4.73 weighted GPA has been chosen as VALEDICTORIAN at the Logos Scholars Academy/Charter School.  (The weighted GPA is based on a five point scale; a college – 100 level + –  “A” earns five points, “B” four, etc. )  While completing his high school courses, Rowan has been attending Roque Community College and Southern Oregon University. Rowan will be attending BYU Provo (entering the 3rd of a 4 yr program) this Fall 2018 to complete a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Rowan also completed a ten-week undergraduate paid internship at Portland State University Summer 2017 and presented his research at a national conference in New Orleans last fall. Congratulations to Rowan on his tremendous achievements and to his parents for their support!!  Rowan is the younger son of our daughter/son-in-law: Leah Berry and Jason Berry.
2017 Rowan image
Grandson News From Fort Collins Colorado – see below
Thayer WSJ Thayer 2  Thayer
Our 17 year old grandson, THAYER MCCOLLUM has “hit” the front page of  The Wall Street Journal Newspaper.  Here  is a portion of the article: “Jerry Stooksbury, the president of Avionics Specialists in Loveland Colorado, needed to produce an airplane instrument panel last fall, but had only two employees able to complete the task quickly. One was out sick. The other was in high school. He called the high-schooler, 17-year-old Thayer McCollum.

Thayer, who starts his days drinking chocolate milk and blasting indie rock, works part time operating mechanical-drawing software for aircraft parts. He came in to do the project and still had time for homework…..After the longest stretch of continuous job creation on record—more than seven years—the U.S. faces its most severe worker shortage in the past two decades.   College-bound Thayer, who first did odd jobs such as cutting grass at Avionics, said he likes knowing his skills can help pay for higher education, and “I’ve never had to work fast food.  Mr. Stooksbury, Avionics’ owner, said the teen has been “highly integral” to the company. “It’s the right time for people like Thayer.”

Thayer began working at Avionics in the summers  as their grounds keeper.  While attending junior high and high school, Thayer has been an active member of a Robotics Team.  His work on programming robotics gave him experience that lead to him being used for projects using Avionics mechanical drawing software.  September 2018, Thayer will be attending University of Utah in the biomedical engineering program, with a full tuition scholarship offered for his freshman year.  CONGRATULATIONS Grandson!
Our great grandson Rohnan flew from Vancouver to England to visit his grandparents, our son Cliff and his wife Deanna.  Rohnan thought the best part of the visit was playing with Zoe, C&D’s dog.  Rohnan’s mommy and daddy, Caesha and Kole Anderson experienced London.  His mommy wrote, “This city has stolen my heart.”
Rhonan C&Kole London
The Comic Expo was kicked off with A Parade of Wonders held in downtown Calgary AB.
 Our son Jared helped our grandsons Hunter and Maxwell prepare home-created costumes.
2018 05 Jared & sons Parade Calgary city


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