#7 Post – Absolutely Amazing August 2017


Sam and Jeannine visit Lakeland College, Lloydminster to meet with C. Chocan (Lakeland College Indigenous Support Specialist) and K. Harris (Learner Success Coordinator) to discuss SOAR, a Peer Mentoring program that is offered through FIELDS, the non-profit organization that we serve under.  Sam and Jeannine have been updating and redesigning this mentoring program for Indigenous Students that FIELDS encourages volunteers to offer to schools/colleges. The peer mentoring program now includes 8 challenges mainly incorporated from the FIRST FLIGHT program (that S&J have been presenting with First Nation young adults).  The SOAR Peer Mentoring Program is now a power point version with 8 Action Challenge sheets;  mentors and new students work-on the action sheets together.  We hope that the ASL (Aboriginal Students Leadership) at Lakeland will want to give their new students an opportunity to be peer mentored using SOAR.  One of the eight challenges is to encourage life-time learning/ especially through reading.  We appreciate the cute poster courtesy of Tat Cook/Facebook: “It’s called Reading; it’s how people install new software into their brains.”  This well worded poster certainly has a message for the younger generation.

SOAR  First Flight

FullSizeSOAR Render  Challenge REading


Lloyd RW highway Lloyd RW Lloydminster RW

The Red and White blooms for CANADA 150 in Lloydminster continue to be enjoyed by everyone.


Sam and Jeannine plan to leave early on Thursday August 3 for Edmonton and arrive for 10am Missionary ZONE meetings at Sherwood Park Stake Centre, East of Edmonton.  Attend a temple session on Friday and Saturday gather with senior missionaries to attend Edmonton’s Heritage Festival and a BBQ in the evening. They were looking forward to the weekend.   Instead…..

Sam and Jeannine find it necessary to drive from Lloydminster across country to Okotoks, Alberta, located 20 minutes south of Calgary because on Monday Jeannine began having severe pains in her left hip area which radiated down to her lower leg.  The only way she was able to walk was by using a cane to take weight off the left leg.  By Thursday she was still in extreme pain. So they set off for help!


The car travel is difficult but bearable for Jeannine by reclining the car seat. Why head to Okotoks?  Jeannine needs acupuncture treatments and who better to treat her than her son, Jared at his clinic, Healing Elements on main street in Okotoks.  With treatments on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Monday and Wednesday, Jeannine begins to heal and is doing very well.  For those of you who have not benefited from or are afraid to try acupuncture, perhaps you need an explanation of how the treatments assist the body with healing.  Qi (a Chinese word pronounced CHEE) is a universal force in all human bodies.  Acupuncture is designed to improve the flow of Qi and balance the Qi within the body.  When Qi is in balance, all physiological functions return to normal.

Check out this youtube:

Jeannine does not find the insertion of the needles painful; the needling helps the condition in her muscles and ligaments to heal.  She is reminded and knows that she MUST take time 3-4 X a week to walk and do stretching exercises to keep her aging body working properly!! Her companion, Elder McCollum also needs to do the same to keep his fibromyalgia under control.  A good exercise team!

(Friday August 11th was her last treatment because then Jared was off to spend a vacation at Tofino on Vancouver Island’s West Coast and then a tour down Sunshine Coast/ BC’s mainland from Powell River down to the city of Vancouver.)

Healing elements door healing elements


While there has not been much rain in Calgary during July, grass on roadways is brown but flower gardens are looking lovely.

Calgary house 1 Calgary house 2

The forest fires in interior of British Columbia continue to affect Calgary air quality. Due to the smokey haze in the air, the sun looks like a bright red ball at sunset as it decends near the horizon.

Calgary red sun

Calgary license

Hey!  Check out this license plate that S&J see while traveling on Stoney Trail in Calgary: OSHNLNR   Are you able to figure out the meaning?  Let us know.


With improvement,  Jeannine along with Sam and Glenda (Jeannine’s sister) attend an endowment session at the Calgary LDS Temple on Thursday August 10th.  It is great to enjoy this blessing. Always amazing how every time we attend the temple in Calgary or Edmonton, we see friends from years gone by.  Certainly we will have similar feelings when we leave this life, cross the veil and find friends and family waiting for us!

Temple Calgary Temple visits

Here is a sunset photo of the Calgary LDS Temple.  On the right is a photo/calendar card (sent to us in December 2016 by our son Robb, his wife Kimberly and their boys Samuel and Henry) which we use to mark our visits to the Temple.


Jeannine is blessed to be in Calgary for her BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS. 

BD 2 BD 1 BD movie

Jeannine’s sister (Sheila), bro-in-law (Ron) and niece (Tattianna) were in Calgary to attend a stage show.  Sam and Jeannine, sister (Glenda) and great-nephew (Jack) all gather together for a dinner at The Olive Garden and to have an early birthday for Jeannine.  Glenda treated Sam and Jeannine to the movie, “Dunkirk”.  Notice the multi-lingual movies in Calgary: Korean, Filipino, Hindi

Sunday August 13 Jeannine and Sam were treated to a lovely dinner at the home of their son Andrew, his wife Andrea and their children: Lincoln, Autumn and Ryder.                                                                                                  Grandma certainly had help blowing out her birthday candles. Lincoln and Autumn get ready for bed wearing their new slippers!

BD lights   Calgary slippers


On Sunday, Elder and Sister McCollum enjoy attending Church services in Eliston Park Ward with Jeannine’s sister, Glenda.  This is the “home” ward they left from to serve their Canada Edmonton Mission. Here is the Ward Bulletin.  The next Sunday, they travelled across the city to attend their “old” church ward, Woodbine Ward in the Foothills Stake.  It was great to see and visit with ward “family”.

Calgary church


SO FUN….to be able to see our friend of many years past, Gail Halvorson, her sons, their families and siblings/cousins.  My, how time changes us all! Family gathered from as far away as Japan, Texas & Utah.

Halvorsons 1 Halvorson Mark Halvorson Heather Halvorson cousin 2 Halvorson cousin 1

  1. Halvorson Family   2.  Mark, Kristie, Gail & S&J   3.  J, Heather W.(Dale’s wife),Connie (cousin) & S      4. The Schmidts (Roger & Detta)   5.  Belinda & her husband


Sam and Jeannine had already planned to come to Calgary in mid August for Day Surgery for Jeannine and an endoscopy for Sam.  All went well and soon they were on the road back to their mission.


TRavel 3    Travel 1   Travel 2 grain

Crops are ripe in the Calgary Area. Cross Country views of the prairies.  Soon the swathers and combines will be in the fields.

Travel fir trees    tolman-badlands-hrna-1

Along the way, we come across the Tolman Badlands Heritage Rangeland (NW of Drumheller).  Some of the terrain was covered with fir trees…. in the middle of the prairies!

Travel Big valley street  Travel Big Valley

Big Valley Train

Soon we were enjoying a visit in the town of BIG VALLEY.  Then off to enjoy a snack in SETTLER.  (There is a return train ride available from Settler to Big Valley.)


Kunkels sm   Group of 8

New Senior Service Missionaries, Elder Ralph and Sister Brenda Kunkel from Hill Spring, Alberta join the missionary/FIELDS service group for the Cree Nation people in this area.  The missionaries in Lloydminster are now a GROUP of EIGHT: Back right: Elder McEwan from Utah; Middle right: Elder Henry from the Philippines; Front left: Sister Hacking from Utah; Front centre: Sister Ard from Vancouver, Washington USA.  It is wonderful to have such a big group of service and finding/teaching missionaries!  S&J  enjoy having the Elders for dinner, then the young Sisters for a luncheon and also the Kunkels over to their apartment to share a meal and discuss FIELDS.


teepee   FIELDS picnic 2 FIELDS picnic

Sister Hacking and Sister Ard in front of mural at Kihew Cree School.  Picnic in the country with farm equipment as backdrop!  This park in Paradise Hill reminds us of early pioneers that arrived in Saskatchewan traveling on the Charlton Trail with the Red River Carts from Manitoba.  A spectacular summer day.  We are storing up the memories of the sunshine for those COLD winter days ahead of us.

BIRTHDAY: August 21, 1927 – 2017

President Thomas S. Monson, prophet and leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints celebrates his 90th birthday. When asked what he wanted for a birthday present, he said: “Do something for someone else . . . to make his or her life better. Find someone who is having a hard time or is ill or lonely and do something for them.”  We love you President Monson.  Yes, we are serving and working alongside the Cree people!


SOLAR ECLIPSE – August 22, 2017

The eclipse, although visible in Lloydminster, was not spectacular.  Look at this great photo taken in Lethbridge Alberta with the sun over the train trestle that spans across the coulee, and Fort Whoop-up Park  in the Old Man River Valley between West Lethbridge and the old/main city.   Amazing Photo.  Thank you photographer Chris O.

Solar eclipse

UPDATE ON GREAT-GRANDSON: Rohnan Anderson, son of our granddaughter Caesha McCollum and her husband Kole Anderson

Our oldest son, Cliff and his wife Deanna and youngest daughter Nyah fly from England to Vancouver BC to enjoy and hug baby Rohnan.  While S&J could not be there, the photos sure helped!

Baby Rohnan Cliff  Baby ZCN  Baby Rohnan keys

Proud Grandpa!  Aunt Nyah , “Mommy” Caesha, Uncle Zach.   Caesha shares her music with her son!

T H E    H A P P Y    P A R E N T S ….

Rohnan1 Rohnan 2


Elder and Sister McCollum now have a photo of Great Grand-Baby Rohnan decorating the wall of their missionary apartment.

FYI: S&J’s great-grandson Rohnan.  We have a grandson called Rowan (age 16/in Oregon). We previously served with missionaries, Elder and Sister Rhoton here in Lloydminster.


There are times when we may not be sure how to proceed with our service at OLCN, but fortunately the Lord is in charge!  The Kunkels and the McCollums arrive at the OLCN Employment centre intending to provide resume assistance.  When we enter the office, we are told to head to the Heritage Grounds (where OLCN Pow Wows are held).  We follow Lydia L. and at 9am Orientation Training begins for all teaching and support staff for the OLCN Schools 2017-18 school year. The workshops provide brief histories of programs and services available for students and their families, for example: Healing Lodge/addictions, “Elders” in-House education, Health & Wellness, CREE – a spiritual language, Council Builders, Guidance and counselling etc.  Most of the leaders of each section began their presentation with a prayer to the Great Spirit.

Aug 29 2    Aug 29 1 Aug 29 4

It is a picture perfect summer day out at the Pow Wow grounds.  S, J, R & B are placed in different groups and rotate to the various sessions, each held in a Teepee held by 15 “value” poles: 7 grandmother poles, 7 grandfather poles and 1 Tree of Life pole that fastens/ties all the poles together.

Aug 29 3  Aug 29 5 Aug 29 6

On the return drive, we made our way to the village of Paradise Hill to have a celebratory 50th Anniversary Luncheon, a gift from the Kunkels!  Thank you.

Aug 29 8 Aug 29 9 


Grandson Lincoln at his soccer camp.         Grandson Cooper off to school in Colorado.  Daughter in Law Kimberly off to teach Science in Junior High & grandsons, Henry & Samuel off to school in Utah.

Calgary Lincoln        School CO               School UT 2       School UT


Elder and Sister McCollum invited 18-30 year old young adults to meet together twice a month.  The first gathering they made their own First Nation’s artifact, “The Circle of Life”  to help them keep their life in balance regarding their “Heart, Mind, Soul and Body”.  The four areas need to be balanced.  If one spends too much time on their physical/body then often the spiritual side of their life is neglected.  If work/mind takes over one’s life, then often there is not time to serve others; the heart is neglected.

Circle of Life




The young missionaries are holding up "numbers" that represent their district/area of the Canada Edmonton Mission.

The young missionaries are holding up “numbers” that represent the number of transfers to another area they have each had within within the Canada Edmonton Mission.

Transferring a case of Book of Mormons to another vehicle.

Transferring a case of Book of Mormons to another vehicle.Preparing for “splits or exchanges”/ bringing bedding and clothing.

Farewells. Next District Meeting will be via "Skype"

Farewells. Next District Meeting will be via “Skype”

12 Missionaries from Lloydminster, Cherry Grove AB and St. Paul AB gather for District Meeting training at the LDS chapel in Vermilion, Alberta.  Elder McEwan our District Leader prepared excellent training on “Safeguards for Using Technology“.  If you have the LDS church app “Library” on your device, go to the Missionary section: “Safeguards …” to read more.

  1. Be in Tune with Spiritual Promptings   2. Be Focused on Your Missionary Purpose  3. Be Disciplined  4. Be one

Some missionaries in Canada, USA, Western Europe and Japan are now using mobile devises to teach and using technology to increase their effectiveness in missionary work. Example #1: an investigator may not have a phone, but they can keep in contact by Facebook. #2 The many excellent church videos are being used to teach and strengthen messages the missionaries share with investigators. #3 Use the church music app when including music in a meeting and teaching opportunities.

Missionaries: turn on devices only when they and their companion have an intention that is clear.   Do not let your device control you. Do not use headphones. Review together emails and texts before sending them. Review on a weekly basis, “How was our use of technology this past week?”

(In our world, mobile devices certainly have become a way to waste and use up our time! Do you know family or friends who are addicted to using their devices?)

The missionary mobile phones/ipad/tablets all have filters designed to protect from inappropriate content.  However, even the strongest filters cannot protect you 100 percent of the time.  PARENTS REMEMBER THIS WITH YOUR CHILDREN AND THEIR DEVICES.  The best filter is your own will and desire to make righteous choices…your heart and might.  Two powerful gifts to help are: moral agency and the gift of the Holy Ghost.  Apostle Boyd K. Packer has taught, “No member of this Church will ever make a serious mistake without first being warned by the promptings of the Holy Ghost.”


Many children will encounter some form of pornography prior to age 12. Some will go back to look at more. Parents or trusted adults can help prepare them so they know what to do when they see pornography. Th video below teaches children what pornography is, why it’s harmful, and three simple action steps they can do when see pornography: “Call it what it is. Turn it off or turn away. Talk to a parent or trusted adult.”

If children have gone back to look at more pornography, the principles in the video encourage them to get help right away. Children can also feel reassured that God loves them, that their parents love them, and that their parents will help. Parents have the primary responsibility for teaching and protecting their children. This video is provided to assist them in that sacred purpose and is not for group instruction of children.

What should I do when I see pornography?



Here is grandson, Elder Ethan McCollum on his missionary preparation day.  Can you guess where he is serving his mission?

Ethan FL

(Florida Tallahassee Mission)







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