March 2016

NOTE: the posted photos are of poor quality since most are taken on a cell phone.  Elder McCollum’s camera broke-down or wore-out in the salty humid climate of Hawaii!

MARCH 2016 St. Patrick’s Celebrations and the Easter Season


Elder and Sister McCollum enjoy a Celtic Concert presented on March 17th on campus.


Here is Ryder of Calgary AB, a perfectly happy Easter Bunny.  His grandparents, Elder and Sister McCollum will soon to able to hug and cuddle him for their first time in early June 2016!


EASTER is remembering the gifts of the atonement and the resurrection, given to all mankind by our Saviour  Jesus Christ.  As Christ is received as one’s Saviour, the gift of repentance may be used each day!  The gift of a resurrected body will come to all mankind.

With the Easter season in mind, Elder and Sister McCollum visit the graves of those who are buried in Laie Cemetery.

IMG_3002 FullSizeRender

The morning is beautiful, the sky free of clouds and the green covered Koo’olau mountains are in the background. Upon entering the cemetery, at first it seems like most other graveyards.


Then it is noticed that the plots are “framed with low walls, some decorated with rocks and others with ceramic tiles.

IMG_2992 IMG_2998

A few graves have benches on which to rest and “visit”; others are decorated with keepsakes to remind the family and the community of the talents shared by those who have passed on. (Example: A tripod adorns the graveside a famous  deceased island photographer.)

IMG_2991 IMG_2993

Family members loving plant trees; some plots are overgrown with plants.

IMG_2988  IMG_2996

Many sites are adorned with fresh flowers.  YES! These are quilts that “warm” these graves.  Certainly such decor is not found in most mainland cemeteries.



Elder and Sister McCollum do not have much time nor the energy or muscle power to do many hikes here on Oahu.  They will tend children so their parents may experience some of the hikes.

IMG_3275 IMG_3274

Robb and Kimberly “climb” Koko Crater.  These photos tell it all! Be sure to make this your next little hike when you visit Oahu!



Left to right: Elder & Sister Larsen; student Esae from American Samoa; Sister & Elder McCollum

New students begin to arrive.  The service missionaries in the Centre for Academic Success (Larsens, McCollums and Sister Jeppson) present at the New Student Orientation Events.  Students are invited to visit the Centre for Academic Success and have a personalized weekly Time Management Calendar created with time for:

  1. The spiritual side of their lives (Church meetings, scripture study, weekly campus devotional, temple  attendance at the nearby by Laie Temple, Ward/Family Home Evening etc.).
  2. Seeking of knowledge/education (university classes) and the needed study hours depending on how a student finds their classes– less difficult, average or hard.
  3. Work (which may include working/learning the cultural aspects of the islands of the South Pacific at the Polynesian Cultural Centre or jobs on the BYUH campus). NOTE: many students work up to 19 hours a week as part of their “scholarship” program or to help support themselves).
  4.  Social activities (with students from 70 different countries at BYUH all students are encouraged to get-to know one another by participating in the many varied campus and community events.


White=church/FHE/Temple etc.; Bright Colors=classes; Purple= work; Green= study time

Having a Time Management Calendar helps students to save evenings and part of Saturday for FUN, leaving Sunday as a day to be free of university course work, time to study the scriptures, to give devotion, worship and spend time with”ohana/family” whether it be their Hale family or Skype visits with distance family.  Using the TM calendar helps student give the needed study hours to their courses and thus do well in their university classes and still get the needed sleep without cramming and late-night study.

The first two weeks of the semester are very busy with Elder and Sister McCollum presenting  Time Management (TM) Workshops. Several instructors invite Elder & Sister McCollum to visit classes as a first step in creating TM Calendars. By the end of March, over 200 students are using personalized TM Calendars and students continue to drop in for a TM calendar on the recommendation of a friend.  Appointments for the students to visit the Centre and review their TM calendars keeps Elder and Sister McCollum and two part-time student workers very busy with preparation!



Grandson Samuel, a kindergarten student, invites his Grandma McCollum to attend a monthly award ceremony.  He is chosen as Super Citizen in his classroom. It is a first for Sister McCollum to attend a school assembly that is held outside in the school courtyard as the school does not have a gymnasium! Each student carries out a chair and sits in a row with his classmates and teacher.  What a blessing….no rain.

IMG_3256 IMG_3260

LEFT: Kimberly (Samuel’s mommy), Grandma and Henry (Samuel’s brother) have front row seats.      RT: Samuel (wearing a popcorn lei) with his daddy, mommy and brother.                                         (Grandpa McCollum had early morning appointments on campus.)


IMG_3293       IMG_3293 - Version 2

Eucalyptus Rainbow Trees grow on Oahu, and in other frost free climates with tropical forests that get a lot of rain. The trees grow to be massive, growing up to three feet a season.  The previous season’s bark peels off in strips to reveal brightly colored new bark. The peeling process results in vertical streaks of green, blue and gray; in its natural climate red and orange shades can be seen. These trees remind Elder and Sister McCollum of the  arbutus trees that also loose their bark and grow on Vancouver Island.

Heliconia or Lobster-Claws Flowers are similar to bird of paradise flowers.  Elder and Sister McCollum find these beautiful blooms on the grounds of the Polynesian Cultural Centre as they walk to the Ohana Luau to give the service of “guarding” the back entrance of the Luau and helping lost guests find their way.

IMG_3049 IMG_3057 IMG_3056

An interesting history surrounding these flowers is that heliconia flower has been painted by the famous American woman artist, Georgia O’Keeffe, who is noted for her enchanting floral still-lifes.  Sister McCollum sees similarities in the artwork of G. O’Keeffe and that of impressionist Emily Carr, a Canadian woman artist.  It is also of interest that Georgia O’Keeffe was hired by the state of Hawaii to come to the islands and create artwork that would advertise and further the tourism of the Hawaiian Islands.  While in Hawaii,  it seems Miss O’Keeffe’s only interest was to create floral artwork.


Sister McCollum keeps a map and lists BYUH students that visit the Centre for Academic Success who are from around the globe. She posts on the map and often takes photos with the students that she and Elder McCollum meet:

IMG_3351 IMG_3291

Sister McCollum with Manu from Tahiti. Elder McCollum with David from Bangladesh.

IMG_3282  IMG_3273

From Taiwan, Amulek, Joanna and their three children: Paradise, Mana and Imi’ike.                            From: Palua (near the Philippines), Lau with Elder and Sister McCollum.



Cliff, the oldest son/child of Elder and Sister McCollum and his family moved to a home in a new subdivision West of Victoria BC.  Nyah, Cliff’s youngest child is now in walking distance to a brand new high school.


Second child and only daughter of Elder and Sister McCollum, Leah and son–in-law Jason BERRY enjoy a few days of hiking in Arizona before heading back home to Medford, Oregon.  Their sons, Logan (16y) and Rowan (14y) proved they could care for themselves and the family home.

IMG_3361 IMG_3362

ETHAN(on the left the above photo & on in the next photo Ethan is on the right side) his parents & siblings make a family trip to Washington DC before Ethan leaves for a mission!

ETHAN, Elder and Sister McCollum’s 2nd oldest grandchild and the oldest child of their son Glen, receives his mission call to the Tallahassee Florida Mission. Elder E. McCollum reports to the Provo Utah Missionary Training Centre on June 1st.  Elder & Sister McCollum and the new Elder McCollum will visit by Skype before Ethan enters the MTC.

In Okotoks, Alberta it looks like Hunter, Maxwell and Griffin just got haircuts and some styling! These are the sons of  Jared, Elder McCollum and Sister McCollum’s fourth child.

IMG_3266  IMG_3267 IMG_3268

Son, Robb and his wife Kimberly make a side trip to Salt Lake City (to buy a home in preparation for their move from Hawaii to the mainland)  take in General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints before flying on to Baltimore for a TESOL (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages) Conference.  Elder and Sister McCollum become full time “grand-parents” and continue their service on campus, accompanied by grandson Henry and occasionally by kindergarten student Samuel.  It is a fun busy tiring 8 days.

IMG_3360 IMG_3332

Elder and Sister McCollum’s flights are booked for their return to Canada.  They look forward to spending time with their son Brett and his wife Samantha, and their son Andrew, his wife Andrea and children: Lincoln, Autumn and Ryder.

IMG_3368  IMG_3365

Especially they look forward to meeting grandson, RYDER born February 2015. 


Just two more blog entries to go: April and May!











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