Elder and Sister McCollum enjoy a decorated tree in the Centre for Academic Success.  (left side) Sister McCollum makes green word-strips using many of the one word names for Jesus found in the scriptures.  She laminates and assembles theses names on their bedroom door in the shape of a tree and adds greetings cards and photos they receive. (right side photo) Despite all the events of December, work with students continues in the Centre.  Did you know?  Our office area has been renovated and expanded.  Picture to be displayed in the January 2016 Blog edition.

As service missionaries they receive a card from the Prophet and his counselors: President Monson, President Eyring, President Uchtdorf

We testify that Jesus Christ is the light, the life, and the hope of  the world.  He wrought the great atoning sacrifice and then was resurrected, that we might have happiness in this life and eternal life in the world to come.  May your testimony of our Redeemer and your obedience to His gospel bless you this Christmas season and always.”

INSIDE of card                                                                                           FRONT of card

IMG_2887 IMG_2889


The Visitor Center in Laie, is the second busiest LDS Visitors Centre in the world, exceeded only by Temple Square in Salt Lake City.  Each Christmas the Stakes on the Island of Oahu decorate and display trees at the Visitors Centre.  Here are some highlights!

IMG_2482  IMG_2473 IMG_2469 IMG_2466

IMG_2465 IMG_2475

IMG_2490 IMG_2478 IMG_2476

Sister McCollum helps decorate the “PEACE” tree, prepared by the BYUH Women’s Organization.  Above photo on left side.

IMG_2474 IMG_2481 IMG_2485



Son, Brett and his wife Samantha fly from Calgary AB to Oahu HI for a visit in Laie, to attend a Chemistry instructor conference in Honolulu and vacation on the island of Oahu.

IMG_1097 - Version 3 IMG_2848 - Version 2

BUSY TIME: dinner together with 8 McCollum family members, tour of BYUH campus, visit to PCC night show, the Temple grounds and visitor centre, explore the hill behind the temple, walk at the beach and brunch at the Hukilau Cafe.

DSCN1235 DSCN1237

This statue is on the hill behind the temple and is in memory of a Hawaiian woman who “mothered” Joseph F. Smith who later in his advanced years became prophet of the LDS church.  As an orphan of 15 years of age, he was sent to Hawaii on a mission.  He served several missions in Hawaii; once he became seriously ill and was nursed back to good health by Naoheakamalu Manuhii. Whenever JF Smith visited the Hawaiian Islands he made sure he would see this dear woman whom he called “Mother”.


Elder and Sister McCollum’s first ever visit to the Hukilau Cafe for brunch with B&S.



It’s a big evening for the town as residents, family and friends gather to see each of the grades perform in a Christmas Concert held at the Cannon Activity Centre on the campus of BYUH.

IMG_2893 IMG_2896

“Elf ” Samuel’s artwork decorates the wall. CAC is packed! (Photo shows just one end of the gym.)


Grandson Samuel performs along with all the kindergarten-age children.  Following the presentations, Santa arrives and the huge tree just outside the CAC begins to glow!


The McCollum Clan gather on-line for a google chatroom visit with family at Calgary AB, Okotoks AB, Fort Collins CO, Medford OR, Victoria BC and Oahu HI wishing Grandpa a Happy 71st Birthday.  Grandpa Sam and Grandson Samuel share a December birthdate!  Grandpa, born in Ontario and Samuel born in Virginia and both born during snow storms!  On the birthday celebration morning, Grandpa, Grandma and grandson Henry enjoy a windy walk at the beach.

IMG_2447 IMG_2457 IMG_2456

LAIE TEMPLE WEDDING & RECEPTION – bride & groom from “Peoples Republic of China”

Emily and Chao are students at BYUH.  Their parents travel from China to attend the wedding. Elder and Sister McCollum receive an unusual wedding invitation; they attend the temple to see the couple make convenants and be sealed for eternity.

IMG_2880 IMG_2874

The “Chinese” reception is held at the campus stake centre.

IMG_2526 IMG_2492

The newlyweds play a game that is popular at weddings in China. They sit back to back; the bride and groom have one of His and Her shoes. As questions are asked, they raise a His or Her shoe to answer the questions. Example: “Who will cook most of the meals?” Emily raises Chao’s shoe and he raises the bride’s shoe!  “Who initiated their first kiss?”  Emily raises her own shoe; the groom raises his shoe!

IMG_2496 IMG_2530


Elder and Sister McCollum join their son, his wife and boys to attend their Laie 7th ward evening Christmas picnic held out at a popular Zip-Line Tourist Attraction. The grandparents and the boys play some games while they watch R&K on one of Zip Lines.  The potluck meal is served under “Easy Corner Shelters” – a good idea because of course there is a short but heavy evening shower.

Laie Third Married Student Ward holds a more traditional Christmas party at the campus stake centre.  Grandpa practices at home playing the role of Santa with Samuel and Henry.

IMG_2883 IMG_2884

Samuel is invited to play the role of a shepherd in the nativity presentation. (His face is turned to the camera.)  The role of baby Jesus is played by a 2 week old infant, Joseph, a young father from mainland USA and Mary a new young mother is from the Philippines; both students at BYUH.

IMG_2543 IMG_2550

After the party, Robb, Kimberly, Samuel and Henry walk home.  They check out decorated homes along the streets and view the decorations and trees in the Temple Visitor Centre. Robb has a photo opportunity of Kimberly, Samuel and Henry with the temple grounds and lights in the background.



Along Kulanui Lane, a few of the neighbours and some of their guests wearing swim-wear and carrying towels, head toward Temple Beach.  It’s a beach day! Samuel and Henry enjoy a backyard sprinkle from the hose while their parents prepare for the Christmas Celebrations.

IMG_2886 FullSizeRender FullSizeRender

Christmas eve – backyard           and                          Opening gifts on Christmas Morning



MISSIONARY SERVICE at the Polynesian Cultural Centre Continues……


Elder and Sister Crookston enjoy the roles of Mr & Mrs Claus at the PCC.  All Sundays, December 25 and  Thanksgiving Day are the only times that the PCC is closed.


Elder and Sister McCollum receive the email notice: Guidelines for senior missionary service at the PCC food venues. “All venues open at 4:45 pm.   Ticket takers should REPORT DIRECTLY to your  post by 4:30P.M.    The Walk-Abouts will bring the clickers/counters.  Put away your Cell Phones.  No books, paperwork, handwork or tablets.  Please stay at your posts until 6:20. Mahalo.  Enjoy the evening !”                  WALK ABOUTS:NIELSEN: REED 435-757-7741 & NINA 435-757-7791 

Prime Dining, Island Buffet, Aloha Luau, Kuai Luau, Ohana Luau:                                                             I                                                                                            Aloha Luau Exit             McCollum  808-366-0056      

E L D E R  &  S I S T E R  MC C O L L U M  FA M I L Y  P H O T O S – December 2015


IMG_2723 IMG_2891

IMG_2461 IMG_2892


C O N C L U S I O N of  2015 S & J MC COLLUM Mission BLOG – 2016 Blog will follow.

Senior Missionaries serving in the Hawaii Honolulu Mission ARE allowed to walk on sandy beaches, unlike the young full time missionaries!



  1. Sharon

    So wonderful to read and feel close to you via Internet! Love visualizing in my mind all the experience you have recorded coupling the images with memories of our time there. The pictures are great captures of the flow of events! We are in Red Deer with our newest granddaughter and her family so that has made Christmas special for us.hugs and Happy New Year! I loved the Hawaiian English pidgin version of the night before Christmas!!!!

  2. Sheila and Ron Wright

    Finally read your blog this morning. So fun to see all the pictures and explanations. It looks like a great Christmas , December, and reminds us all of what Christmas is about!

  3. Elsie and John

    Greetings and blessings for the New Year. Christmas is a special family time. So good you could share it with your family!! Thanks for all the photos!! Great to see you in your ministry! We pray God will continue to guide, direct and and be ever close to you!

  4. Linda Fredrickson

    How wonderful you both look! It’s such fun to see all the pictures and read about your adventures as Missionaries and as grandparents. We miss you so much here in Abbotsford but are so happy that you are serving at BYUH and getting to spend time with family. All the best for a Happy and Healthy New Year.

  5. Glenda Nixon

    Enjoyed this blog. You do such a wonderful job Jeannine. think how much you will appreciate it when you are all finished in Hawaii and can relive your memories. Yes Christmas is over and now to et ready for the new year and what it will bring. Hope to talk to you soon and have a longer conversation. Love

  6. Fidela Fernandes

    Elder and Sister McCollum thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures of you mission in Hawaii. It’s good to see you even just in pictures. Hawaii is beautiful and
    reminds me of the Philippines. May you have a wonderful New Year as you continue to serve our Lord Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father’s children in that part of the world. You are very creative I love those green strips you made.

  7. Marlene Whitehead

    It makes me very happy to see how well your mission is going. May the rest go as well. Happy New Year. Lots of love, Marlene

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