DECEMBER – Kekemapa 2014

As November ends, the month of celebration begins as Christians around the world remember the birth of the Saviour of the world, Jesus Christ. Here in Hawaii, young and old call out to each other, “Mele Ka-li-ki-ma-ka” (Merry Christmas).


Sister McCollum found a favourite children’s poem about Santa Claus written in pidgin?               What is pidgin?

Taken from Wikipedia:Hawaiian Pidgin English, Hawaiian Creole English, HCE, or locally known as simply Pidgin, is a creole language, accent, and dialect – based in part on English – spoken by many residents of Hawaii. Although English and Hawaiian are the co-official languages of the state of Hawaii, Hawaiian Pidgin is used by many Hawaii residents in everyday casual conversation and is often used in advertising targeted toward locals in Hawaii. Despite its name, Hawaiian Pidgin is not a pidgin, but rather a full-fledged, nativized, and demographically stable natural language. It did, however, evolve from various real pidgins spoken between ethnic groups in Hawaii. Example: Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Samoan, Tongan etc.

Wuz da Nite Befor’ Christmas

Santa with his sea horses!

Santa with his sea horses!

Wuz da nite befor’ Christmas, an’from hea to Wailuku, no cretcha wuz stirrin’, not even one uku! Da keiki (children) went snuggle down safe in da beds, big dreams of sweet candy went dance roun’ da heads.

An’me wis my coco an’ Ma wid her poi, we jus’ settle down for one rap- when oh boy!

One awful big clatter come from da lanai (porch), I tink maybe coconuts went fall from da sky.  I went jump up so fas’  I knock ova da chaia. I went run to da window to see what stay dea.

All ova da beach da kine silva moonlight on da sand an’ da sea, it shinin’ so bright, I can see all da tings on da sho’ plenty clea, an’ i see sumting out dea dat say mo’ plenty quea!

One tiny surfboard lying’ der on da groun’, an eight tiny sea horses jus’ swimmin’ aroun an’ one little ol surfer so lively, so quick! I went tink to myself, “Ey, brah! Dat Saint Nick!”

He wuz chubby an’ jolly, da kine roly poly, an’ dressed all in fur from da chin to okole (butt).  He had one white beard an’ one little roun’ belly dat went shake when he laugh like Tutu’s (grandma /Hawaiian) guava jelly.

He wastin’ no time, brah, he went put down da sack dat wiz big as one mountain slung up on his back.  He got plenty good tings for all da keiki(children) an’ he went pile dem unda da coconut tree.

He work an’ he work an’ he neva pau hana (finish work/hawaiian) til  he put, sumting der fo’ all da ‘ohana (family/Hawaiian). He went give me one wink an’ one shaka, an’ – pau! Da sea horses dey know it come time to go now!

He went pick up da board an’ he run to da ocean, he went harness da team an’ he settem in motion.  Mo fasta dan jet planes da sea horses swum; he went whistle an’ shout an’ he call em’ each one.

“Go Kimo, Go Noni! Gettum Kipo an’ Lani! Go Kona, go Pua! Geevum Kiki an’ Nani!”  To da crest of da wave, tru da foam an’ da spray, dey swimmin’ like crazy, dey flyin’ away!

Til all I went see on da wata out far, wuz one twinkle of light like one dyin out star. But I hea ol Nick holla across da dark sea, “Merry Christmas da kine, Aloha Hawai’i”


 Mele Kalikimaka 2015

Christmas Season Greetings coming you way from Elder and Sister McCollum on the island of Oahu, joining with you and the rest of the Christian World to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ!

December 15th: Laie Temple Visitor Centre with Elder & Sister McCollum's  son & daughter in law (visiting from Calgary AB)

December 15th: Laie Temple Visitor Centre with Elder & Sister McCollum’s son & daughter in law (visiting from Calgary AB)



Far, Far Away….” from Western Canada to an isle in the Pacific, Elder & Sister McCollum begin their mission & are blessed to live with family: son Robb, da-in-law Kimberly & grandsons: Samuel (6y) & Henry (3y).



O Come All Ye Faithful, Joyful and Triumphant….” students from around the globe,

Enter to Learn. Go Forth to Serve the moto of Brigham Young University-Hawaii. While back in Canada….

What Child is This….?”, the 17th McCollum grand baby arrives on February 23, #13 grandson.



With Wondering Awe…” the McCollum’s bike towards the brightly glowing Temple, one evening each week, to serve those who have passed on and to be spiritually renewed.



Angels We Have Heard …” with such beautiful sounds at BYUH cultural events: Brass Ensemble, Shaka Steel Drums, Concert Choir, Salsa orchestra, University Chorale, Chamber Orchestra.

BYUH Brass Ensemble plays a hymn arrangement at devotional.

BYUH Brass Ensemble


I Heard The Bells….” ring out as BYUH gets a new university president (John Tanner); visitors include two apostles: Elders Russell M. Nelson & Dallin H. Oaks. In November Presidents Eying & Uchtdorf visit.



Joy to the World….” as BYUH graduates rejoice with family, friends and faculty.



Silent Night” never happens in Laie with the constant crowing of roosters, the sound of the surf, the rhythm of Hawaiian guitars and the beat of Tahitian drums from the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Sister McCollum enjoying a tune played by


It Came Upon a Midnight Clear” and throughout the daylight hours, the sounds, songs and rhythms of the PCC drift across the town.  Blessed be the Sabbath Day, a day for all to rest!

IMG_1350 - Version 2


Away in a Manger”, except it is at the church where Elder and Sister McCollum enjoy holding wee babes while the mamas & dads of student spouses attend English lessons.

IMG_1479 IMG_1321


Deck the Halls” for Halloween, even in Laie; Treat N’Trunk parties in church parking lots, each night of the Hallow-Eve week.



O Little Town of ….” Laie nestles up against the Ko’olau mountains and along the sandy beaches of northshore, Oahu, Hawaii. Celebrations galore are held for the 150th anniversary of the settling of the area. Elder and Sister McCollum are blessed to be part of the events.



The First Noel” celebrations are upon one and all, reminding Elder and Sister McCollum how they miss family and friends. If only they might pick YOU from their memories and dreams, and hug you so tight!   A l o h a!


Cut and paste the web address below to find:

An amazing Christmas Video Clip:

10 Ways to Keep the Saviour the Focus of This Christmas Season


  1. Jim Mason

    Hi Not been communicating lately. been a little down. looks like my cancer is gone I hope for good. Had a priesthood blessing a week ago that finally ended my pain but surgery may still be required in the New Year. Just not been a happy time this year. however I am determined the new year will be a great year and all will be well by the end of next year. The surgery on my arm should be healed by then and happy times ahead. My this season find you all happy and healthy. May the New Year bring you much happiness.

  2. Margaret MacMillan

    So glad to hear about your life in Hawaii. We are both wishing you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2016. Great talking to you again.

    Love David and Margaret

  3. Helene & Bob Mitchell

    Merry Christmas !
    We have many good memories of the time you lived here. Future years will never erase your friendly faces. Maybe you will end up settling in our ward again.

    May the Christmas season leave its richest blessing in your hearts and all the best for the new year.

    Love from Helene and Bob

  4. Linda Arnold

    Loved your Christmas letter. You are so clever with your Christmas letter. Loved all the beautiful photos. You are the cutest pirate Jeannine. We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas season. All the best in the New Year. Lots of Love Brian and Linda

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