NOVEMBER/Nowemapa 2015 – #1

Since Hawaii does not use Day Light Saving Time, all those living in Hawaii do not have to deal with the spring and fall side effects of going off and on DST. In Hawaii the time zone is called HAT: Hawaii-Aleutian Time.  (The Aleutian’s islands are part of Alaska). BTW, the city of Regina SK in Canada is also “smart-enough” to not use DST!  Have you heard… the BC Premier, Kristy Clark is considering a petition to end DST?! With mainland US and Canada ending DST for the winter season, Hawaii’s time is now:
2 Hours behind Pacific Standard Time: BC and Oregon
3 Hours behind Mountain S.T: Alberta and Utah
5 Hours behind Central S.T: Ontario
With their friends, Elder and Sister N, the McCollums head East towards the city of  Kaneohe (pronounced Con-ee – o-hey).
 DSCN1197 DSCN1198
BTW: Elder “N” serves as BYUH  chaplin or minister for all non-member students that attend BYUH. The beginning of each semester, each BYUH student must obtain an ecclesiastic endorcement from their bishop or in the case of non-members, they receive it from Elder N, the chaplin. It is also of note that if a non-member applies for a campus job, Elder “N” is part of the interviewing team.
Back to our tourtist visit: To find the Buddhist Temple, exit at the cemetary, “Valley of the Temple” and head toward the mountains.  The Byodo-In Buddhist Temple is a life size replica, a non-denominational shrine, of the historic 950 year old  building in Kyoto prefecture of Japan, a world heritage site.  The temple is set against the backdrop of the Koyola mountains and is surrounded by beautiful gardens. (It is not a functioning Buddhist Temple.)
  DSCN1193 DSCN1205 DSCN1206 DSCN1209 DSCN1213 DSCN1222 DSCN1219 DSCN1225
The beautifully detailed building whose main structure is called Ho-O-Do (Phoenix Hall) was dedicated in 1968 for the 100th anniversary of the first Japanese immigrants to settle in Hawaii. ( It is interesting that Nikka Yuko garden in Lethbridge Alberta Canada was built in 1967  for the 100th anniversary of Canada’s Confederation; the Japanese gardens in Lethbridge were built to show the importance of the Japanese settling in southern Alberta.)
The Buddhist Temple houses an 18ft/2000 pound Amida  statue (the Buddha of the Western Paraside).  On the grounds of the temple, there is a peace bell similar to the one in the Nikka Yuko gardens in Alberta!  Great visit.
BYUH GRADUATION -for Fall Semester 2015: Monday November 2nd
There is a buzz of excitement as the robed graduating students and the faculty wearing their academic robes all march into the Cannon Activities Centre while being watched by family, friends, fellow students and other well-wishers.  223 students from 22 counties receive their degrees and associate (2yr) degrees from President Tanner.
BYUH President Tanner teaches the students the value of asking inspired questions,. He cites the Lord’s first question to Adam, “Adam, where art thou?”  The Lord knew where Adam was but the Lord wanted Adam to reflect on his situation.  Then the Lord’s second question to Adam, “Where goest thou?”,  hoping Adam would contemplate the direction in which his life was heading.  In the Bible there is another question the Lord asked of Cain, “Where is Abel, thy brother?” The Lord wanted Cain to reflect on his actions and the divine imperative to love and care for one another.
Apostle Todd Christofferson

Apostle Todd Christofferson

Quest speaker, Elder D Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles encourages the graduates to continue to learn “all things that pertain to the kingdom of God, and of things both in Heaven and in Earth.”  In the words of the Savior, “What manner of men (and women) ought ye to be? Verily I say unto you, even as I am.” The “fullness of Christ” includes such traits as “virtue, love, patience, knowledge, justice, mercy, humility, sacrifice, service, and obedience to the will of God.” Elder Christofferson exhorts the graduates to “continue in this path and even quicken their pace in the years to come.
FYI:  Since Elder and Sister McCollum have been in Laie, they have seen and heard from five apostles:
#1. Elder Russell M. Nelson and # 2.Elder Oaks here to release BYUH president Wheelwright and call new BYUH President Tanner.
#3 Pres. Uchtdorf (2nd counsellor in the first presidency of the Church) came to dedicate the new PCC Hukilau Market and Marriott Hotel.
#4 Elder Christofferson dedicates the new Hales and speaks at Fall Graduation.
#5 Pres. Eyring (1st couns. in the first presidency of the Church) attends the inauguration of the new BYUH president.  Again Elder Nelson and Elder Oaks visit for the inauguration, along with the women’s organization (Relief Society) president Sister Linda Burton and Sister Bonnie Oscarson, young women’s general president.
IMG_2807 IMG_2804 IMG_2805 IMG_2806

Our student friend Yuki adored with many leis.

Our student /friend Yuki adored with many leis.

 2015: 150 YEARS OF LAIE
The little town of Laie celebrates it’s beginnings that began 150 years ago. A special book, Prophetic Destiny is compiled and printed; many special events are planned.  Elder and Sister McCollum feel blessed to be serving in Laie at BYUH during the 150th year.  The BYUH senior missionaries serving on campus in 2015 have their names and photos in the book, “Prophetic Destiny”.
IMG_2331 IMG_2333 - Version 4
Elder and Sister McCollum are top row, 3rd from the right.
Despite the intermittent rain, the parade carried on and the viewers enjoyed it.  Elder & Sister McCollum, their son Robb and grandsons Samuel and Henry patiently wait for the parade to begin.
 IMG_2224 IMG_2727
Student volunteers hang-out and fool around while waiting for the parade. 
 Here comes the parade!  Yes, one band and 2 horses lead the parade.
IMG_2249 IMG_2269 IMG_2272IMG_2263
Henry atop his dad’s shoulders waits for the big trucks.
BYUH brass ensemble plays while riding in the
Temple’s Visitor Centre Shuttle
Here comes the Army Band and representatives of the 
Honolulu Police Department!
IMG_2226 IMG_2230
FullSizeRender IMG_2227
BYUH President & Sister Tanner followed
by VP Dr. Bell & his wife and more golf carts!
IMG_2237 IMG_2277
Laie Temple President & his wife;
then President Grace of the PCC & his wife.
IMG_2234 IMG_2236
Kahuku High School Band.
The HS school Football Team is called the Red Raiders. Yes, a curious name for a team made up of mainly Polynesians.
(BTW:  The Red Raiders never lost a game all of the 2015 season and win the final championship game. 25,000 attend the game!! Those not attending the game know that the team wins because of all the horn honking going on for at least two hours up and down the Kamehameha Highway.  Elder and Sister McCollum do not get much sleep until the celebrating finally ends.)
Here come some of the performers from the Polynesian Cultural Centre dancing to the beat of drums!
IMG_2282 IMG_2281
Watch the sky!
A miniature hovercraft manned with a video camera
captures overhead views of the parade.
IMG_2232 IMG_2233
Then down the street, a net filled with helium balloons are released and the wind blows the balloons over our heads.
Here come the floats.
Then the Samoan section and the Tongans!
IMG_2299 IMG_2306
There weren’t any decorated bicycles
but there certainly were flower-adorned scooters!
FullSizeRender IMG_2240
The Elementary School had a float and the men 
that came here years ago to help build portions of the campus. 
IMG_2248 IMG_2241
Horses to mark the end of the parade followed by super “scooper” tractor
to clean up after the horses!
Years ago, Sister McCollum recalls counting with her granddaughter Nyah, over 350 horses at the mid way point of the Calgary Stampede Parade.  Yet with only 30 horses and a few bands, the Laie parade is a fun-filled affair!
Read the next post for more November events in No-we-ma-pa: Continued. 


  1. Darilyn

    Seeing the pictures of the Buddhist Temple reminded me of my trip there is Grandma and Grandpa. Good memories.

    Thanks for sharing and keep up the awesome work.

  2. Marlene Whitehead

    Thank you for your mail and photo coverage of your mission. It sounds so busy and exciting. Almost like being there. December is almost here and no doubt you will be busy and involved with all The birth of Jesus means to us. I’ll look forward to your next newsletter. Love Marlene

    • Linda Arnold

      Wow so many wonderful experiences, we enjoy all the stories and photos.
      You certainly keep busy. So fun for you to be with 2 of your grandchildren.
      We have been having lovely weather and our grass is still green almost as good as your weather. We send our love. Brian and Linda

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