NOVEMBER/Nowemapa 2015 – #2


Sister McCollum, along with extended family remember the birth date of her father,      A. Glen Jensen: born November 6, 1914; passed on August 28, 2013.  Missing you dad!

A. Glen Jensen

A. Glen Jensen

Two of Elder and Sister McCollum’s children also have birthdays in November.

IMG_2732          IMG_2731

#5 child, Robb and #2 child, daughter Leah B.


(Copy and paste the web address below into a browser.  Enjoy an article from the church news about this Laie event.)

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In preparation for the 150 anniversary Youth Event, BEHOLD LAIE, the youth of the nearby stakes practice their singing and dancing; moms and volunteers sew costumes; decorations and props are prepared.  On a Saturday evening in November, two performances are held in the campus activity centre.  The stands are filled, the lights go out, the spotlights come on and the music begins!  The best part of the entire event was the smiles on the faces of the performing youth!


This thirty minute documentary is filmed in Laie back in the spring, then edited and is released in November as part of the 150th anniversary celebrations.  It is now showing at the Temple Visitor  Centre.  Drop on over to view it! The film briefly retells the history of the purchase of the tract of land, the settling of Laie, a place of refuge. It tells of the prophecy/revelation given by Prophet Joseph F. Smith that a temple would be built in Laie.  He does not live to attend the dedication.

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In 1919 President Heber J. Grant dedicates the Hawaiian Temple, the first LDS temple outside of continental USA. In the 1950’s Prophet David O. McKay visits Laie and prophesies that a college will be built for young people from all over the world, who will come to Laie to be educated .

The film is well done; it leaves Elder and Sister McCollum with a feeling of thankfulness that they are able to be a part of the 150 year celebrations.

2015 INAUGURATION of the new BYUH PRESIDENT – John Tanner

Henry B. Eyring, first counsellor in the presidency of the LDS Church visits Laie for the inauguration of the new university president.

IMG_2349 IMG_2748

President Eyring                                           Sister Tanner, President Tanner and President EyringIMG_2749

It is a big event for all students, university staff, instructors, senior missionaries and members of the community!  After the speeches and musical numbers, everyone walks over to the BYUH Campus Ballroom for a reception.  Just excellent to be a part of the historic event.


-The Senior Missionaries in Laie are blessed to have their mission president and his wife, President and Sister Warner of the Hawaii Honolulu Mission hold a Zone Conference just for the Senior Missionaries on a Monday Evening.

Our friends Randy and Julie Keyes (right side) with President Warner (wearing a lei)

Our friends Elder & Sister Keyes (right side) with President Warner (wearing a lei)

-Elder and Sister McCollum (mentors for the Samoan Student Association) enjoy attending the November Samoan Sunday Evening Gospel Forum with President and Sister Tanner as guest speakers.

Samoan Club Presidency, President & Sister Tanner (on left) & Elder & Sister McCollum (right side)

Samoan Club Presidency, President & Sister Tanner (on left) & Elder & Sister McCollum (right side)

– As Senior Missionaries the McCollums continue to give service at the Polynesian Cultural Centre on Saturday evenings, twice a month.  Thanksgiving weekend a group of 300 from the state of Georgia are served dinner at the venue where Elder and Sister McCollum take tickets.  There are 200 students (members of a marching band) teachers, parents and even grandparents who come to be part of the Honolulu Thanksgiving parade and perform at the Missouri Ship location/Pearl Harbour.

– Despite all that goes on in Laie and on Campus, Elder and Sister McCollum do still serve at the  Centre for Academic Success.  In fact, as the Winter Semester 2015-16 begins on November 9th and for the next two weeks, they find they are BUSY with the “popularity” of Time Management Calendars spreading.  One of the students had his calendar enlarged to fit on his frig!  Work is purple. Study is green!


– Sister McCollum enjoys the opportunity to attend BYUH Women’s Organization monthly luncheon.  She also is on the committee to  assist with the decorating of the BYUH WO’s Christmas Tree at the Temple Visitor Centre.


This is the first US Thanksgiving for Elder and Sister McCollum. They are thankful to spend it with their son Robb, his wife Kimberly, their grandsons  Samuel and Henry and S&H’s other grandparents, Kent and Mary S. visiting from Maryland.



Now the Christmas Season begins as we celebrate Jesus Christ coming to Earth for all who have and ever will live here!

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  1. Glenda

    Love your blog. You will so appreciate it after your mission is done as you go over all of your memories. So glad you had a great American Thanksgiving and of course looking forward to seeing Brett and Samantha. Beautiful weather here. This type of winter I can really appreciate. My ward choir sang at the stake Christmas carol festival and it went well. I am all decorated and ready for the season. Love you guys.

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