Throughout September and October, Cell phones DING DING forecasting Emergency Warnings for flash flooding on Oahu. Finally warnings really happen on BYUH campus but no flooding in the Centre for Academic Success.  A small lake “grows” outside the door.

Water sports just outside the Center.

Water sports just outside the Center.

Even a frog searched for a dry spot

Even a frog searched for a dry spot

A lake formed near the campus chapel

The road by the campus chapel becomes a shallow lake.

Administration building

The Administration building just as waters begin to collect.

The water near the administration building on the big circle drive around campus soon becomes too deep for cars to get through!

A lake forms across the open field in front of campus deep enough for canoeing.

A lake forms across the open field in front of campus deep enough for canoeing.

River of water coming down off the mountain.

A river of water comes down off the mountain.

A creek of muddy water pours past the newer Heber G. Grant building (HGB) without any damage, but the low built General Classroom Building (GCB) is not so blessed. NOTE: Elder and Sister McCollum teach a Family History Sunday School class in a computer lab located in this building.  The next Sunday they find the wet carpet has been removed and we have sticky gluey concrete.

By late afternoon, the ring road around campus is opened again.

By late afternoon, the ring road around campus is opened again but ….

Even the next morning, the waters are high.

the next morning, the waters are still high in the drainage field.

Sister McCollum notices for the first time the “name” of the manufacturer on the manholes used on the roads on campus and in the town of Laie.

JENSEN - Sister McCollum's maiden name!

JENSEN – Sister McCollum’s maiden name!


On the patio of Island Buffet at the PCC

S On the patio of Island Buffet at the PCC

As Elder and Sister McCollum perform their senior missionary service opportunity at the back entrance to the Island Buffet at the PCC, they take the meal tickets from 350 Japanese high school students.  The young men and young women are so polite.  The girls were dressed in modest skirts and tops, like they are ready to attend church meetings.




Remember awhile back, Elder and Sister McCollum attend a baby shower for Yuko, a Japanese student/part-time office worker in the Centre.  Yuki left her job near the end of September.  October 2, Baby Olina Kaala is born.

Parents with #1 baby.

Parents with #1 baby.

Most married students live in the on-campus housing, TVA (Temple View Apartments). This family are in a studio apartment and with the baby they are a little crowded for a month.  “Daddy” left his on-campus job to tend Olina as Yuki finishes her classes and has final exams. The family will leave campus shortly after Yuki’s graduation day and fly home to Japan.

Visit to the new baby

Visit to the new baby


Spousal-English Pot Luck Dinner

Elder and Sister McCollum support a class held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5:30 – 6:30 pm.  The Spousal English class is for men/women who do not speak English and arrive at BYUH with their spouses who are attending BYUH.  TESOL interns (Teaching English to students of other languages) teach the class.  Elder and Sister McCollum help as needed.

A variety of dishes

A variety of dishes

Elder and Sister McCollum bring stuffed baked potatoes, a big hit.

The little guy at the from t enjoyed LOTS of desserts!

The little guy at the front of the photo enjoyed                      LOTS of desserts!

Sweet baby boy

Sweet baby boy

Stake RS (woman's organization) President of the Married Student Stake with one of the husbands

Stake RS (woman’s organization) President of the Married Student Stake with one of the husbands

Samoan BYUH Student Association (BSA) Party

Loading the bus

Loading the bus

Most of the BYUH Student Association’s (abbrev. BSA’s) hold a party to mark the near-end of the semester.  Elder and Sister McCollum join the event, as all BSA activities held off-campus must have an approved supervisor.  A bus trip takes the group Eastward to just past the big tourist attraction of Kuaola Ranch; then a left turn down a road towards Secret Island.

We load a “raft boat” and head across to the island.

Loading the boat.

Loading the passengers

....and the food!

….and the food!

Elder McCollum at the helm!

Elder McCollum at the helm!

Taking in the view…

Dona and Pearl at the rail.

Dona and Pearl at the rail.

Taking in the view...

Taking in the view…

Chinaman's Hat Island nearby.

of nearby Chinaman’s Hat Island and …..


the distant shoreline and mountains.

It doesn’t take long for all the fun to begin…..

Table Tennis

Table Tennis







Head stands by some

Head stands by some

Ride on a glass bottom boat

Riding on a glass bottom boat to view the fish and turtles           on the reef

Group fun

Group fun on the catamaran

Food Samoan style

then food Samoan style!

The Samoan students wear modest swimwear; not so for most of the other beach tourists! Hmm?  Note this young woman’s “decorated” legs!


Soon its time to load the raft and return to campus.



Elder and Sister McCollum

Elder and Sister McCollum…..

Leaving the island.

and the group leaving the island.

Back on campus, a Samoan Association group photo

Back on campus, a with a group photo

BYUH Weekly Devotionals  for Students and Faculty

Each Tuesday morning of the semester the weekly devotionals is always well worth attending.  One guest speaker in October is Eric Shumway, past and longest president of BYUH.

Quote: “One way we can improve our prayers is to remember that prayer is not just a monologue, one person doing the talking, but a conversation in which we speak and we listen. Sometimes Heavenly Father’s part of the conversation comes in actual words to our mind and sometimes in feelings to our heart. HE will speak peace to our souls. Sometimes HIS words come in the language of scripture. That’s why it is important to read scriptures.

“…the trouble with most of our prayers is that we offer them as if we were picking up the telephone and ordering groceries – we place our order, and then hang up. We need to meditate, contemplate, think of all we are praying about and for, and then speak to the LORD as one person speaketh to another. And then we must listen to how he will speak to our feelings.”

Thank you President Shumway.

BYUH Brass Ensemble plays a hymn arrangement at devotional.

BYUH Brass Ensemble plays a hymn arrangement at devotional.


October 23rd, Elder and Sister McCollum’s oldest grandson, Zach (who lives in New Westminister BC) celebrates his birthday.  Zach’s dad, the McCollum’s oldest son, Cliff celebrates his birthday on October 25th.

2013 photo of Food Drive L to R: Zach, granddaughters Nyah & Caesha, Cliff

2013 photo of Food Drive
L to R:                                                                                           Grandpa Sam, Zach, granddaughters Nyah & Caesha, Cliff

Happy Halloween in Hawaii.

There are many Halloween events for the grandsons to dress-up in costumes.  Here they are on Wednesday October 28th in the church parking lot for the Laie 7th Ward Halloween Party.

Sir Knight Henry and the Samuel the Skeleton Pirate!

Sir Knight Henry and the Samuel the Skeleton Pirate!

After attending an evening temple session, Elder and Sister McCollum ride their bikes through the adjacent church parking lot.  They are invited to enjoy the food at the 9th ward party at the opposite side of the double church building parking lot from the 7th ward party.

Then they ride over to nearby Hukilau Beach with their bike head lamps and rear flashing lights turned on.  Using a flashlight, they make their way to the beach to sit and enjoy a small picnic dinner while listening to the roar of the surf.  Wow!  They see MANY translucent crabs scurry around in the glow of the flashlight.  Elder and Sister McCollum will have to return another evening with their grandsons and see who can collect  and release the most crabs!

November brings ….Graduation Ceremonies, New Student Orientation, the start of Winter 2015-16 Semester, US Thanksgiving, the celebration of 150 years of Laie, visit of Apostle Kristofferson to dedicate the new Hales and the visit of President Eyring for the inauguration of new BYUH President Tanner.   Watch for the upcoming November Blog.


  1. Sharon Hara

    It is so exciting to read about and see all the pictures of various events now that I can visualize in my mind the places and events! I found s picture of you both the other day and tucked it into my bag so I can “carry” you around with me! Miss you lots and miss Hawaii! It had a huge effect on me! I love all the beautiful things the Lord has given us on earth to enjoy and marvel at. Everywhere there are animals, birds, plant life, land, water, sky, rocks, foliage, fruits etc for us to enjoy and use.
    So excited to hear Yuki delivered Her adorable baby safely and is doing well. Please tell her congratulations for George and I. The outings look fabulous and loved reading about the floods! And even about the soggy building where you teach your class on Sunday. Brought back a flood of memories. I often reflect on our experiences there and how blessed we were to experience so much in such a short time! Our only regret was that we did not have enough time to do all that we wanted to! Love and Laughter and mahalo for all!

  2. So fun seeing all the pictures. Fun parties, new babies, classes etc. Teaching Family Search classes pretty cool too. Floods not great but could be worse. Miss you, Love, Sheila and Ron

  3. Marlene Whitehead

    Your mission seems so full and blessed. I’m happy for you. By the way have you been weating your muumuu?

  4. Linda Arnold

    Loved all the pictures and stories especially the island trip. Glad to hear that the flooding didn’t do too much damage. What an amazing adventure your mission is. I do recognize lots from our visit there. What a beautiful world we live in. We are having a lovely fall. Sending our love and prayers your way.
    Love Brian and Linda

  5. Wendy MacKinlay

    Your blog is rich with fun and service and love! Great pictures, and your posts invite all readers to share in your joyful missionary spirit. Thank you for sharing, stay healthy and happy!

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