September: Friends serving in HI & Friends holidaying in HI!

McCollum’s New Missionary Photo
Photographer: daughter in law Kimberly McCollum

daughter in law Kimberly McCollum

Senior Missionary Family Home Evening
Program presented by The Centre for Academic Success
Sister McCollum is asked by Elder Woods (an assistant Hawaii Honolulu Mission President Garner) to prepare a program featuring the Centre.  She feels the best method to “showcase” the centre is to invite students to share their experiences and the blessings of visiting the Centre.  The senior missionaries at FHE enjoy getting to know just a few of the students that the missionaries who serve in the Centre have grown to love as they serve and assist them.
Center for Academic Success Missionaries & students

Center for Academic Success Missionaries & students

Back row: Atu (Tonga) and Elder McCollum
Front Row: Esae (Am. Samoa), Sister & Elder Larsen, Stephanie (CA, USA), Zina (Armenia), Sister McCollum, Sister Jeppson. Missing from the group photo is Saku (Mongolia) who must leave early.
"Saku" from Mongolia is on the BYUH Women's Volleyball Team

“Saku” from Mongolia is on the BYUH Women’s Volleyball Team

PS  Do you notice that Elder McCollum wears a white shirt and tie in most photos?  Yes! This is the usual attire for men missionaries, except for Aloha Fridays on campus and sometimes on Saturdays.  You’d also think that Sister McCollum wears a “uniform” too since you see her in the same outfits over and over.  Well…. despite the fact that she brought with her plenty of summer clothing, only a few outfits work for “hot-muggy” days!  Hence, you will see in photos the same outfits over and over again!  When Sister McCollum ends her mission, these tops and skirts will most likely be worn out in missionary service or she will donate them to “GIVE & TAKE”, a “store” on campus where items are free and donations gratefully accepted for students and missionaries.
Aye! Visitors from Canada!!
The McCollums hear that G&S Hara are heading to Ohau.  Then on a rainy Tuesday morning with hurricane and heavy rain warnings being broadcast  2 to 3 times day, the Haras totally surprise Elder and Sister McCollum by finding their way to the Centre for Academic Success located in the Joseph Fielding Smith Library on the campus of BYUH.  Just amazing that George and Sharon find the Centre, when many students on campus have no idea how to locate the Centre for Academic Success!  George and Sharon enjoy accommodations at the new Marriott Courtyard Hotel in Laie.
Saturday am Devotional Given By Student Workers & Full-Time Staff
– Food & Beverage Department at Polynesian Cultural Centre
Elder and Sister McCollum happily accompany their friends, Elder & Sister Noel to this event.  They invite their visitors/friends from Abbotsford, BC George & Sharon Hara to join them and friends/new senior service missionaries (Counselling Services, BYUH) Elder & Sister Keyes from Victoria, BC attend too..
Couples L to R: McCollum, Hara & Keyes

Couples L to R:
McCollum, Hara & Keyes

The Devotional begins in the beautiful and spacious Island Buffet/Prime Dining Building. It is a “warm” morning so hand fans are given to the guests; this repetitive and somewhat cooling action is a sure way to get  carpel tunnel syndrome!
Choir performance

Choir performance

Following the testimonies and messages, guests move to the outdoor patio, a feast for the tummy and eyes!!
Ouch!  Not Sister McCollum's choice on her plate.

Ouch! This choice of food is not found on Sister McCollum’s plate.

Delightul Edibles

Delightful decorated Edibles

From the Ocean to the Banquet Table

From the Ocean to the Banquet Table

Sister Noel and Sister McCollum enjoy a photo opportunity with two of the beautifully costumed Tongan students that dance/sing/perform during the devotional.

Tongan Dancers pose with Sister Noel & Sister McCollum

Tongan Dancers pose with Sister Noel & Sister McCollum

The Samoan performance

The Samoan performance

Do you recognize Esae (from American Samoa) on the front/center of the photo?  She was one of our spotlight students at the FHE presentation.IMG_2056


Guests enjoy fire dance performers!

Saturday Evening – BYUH Student Associations Present FOOD FEST

Around the flag circle at the front of campus, the various student clubs & associations set up tables and “easy corner” stands to sell and share foods from around the world.  Guests purchase tickets and walk around to buy Mongolian BBQ beef for 5 tickets, 4 tickets for Lemon Chicken from the Hong Kong booth, crepes for 2 tickets from the ASL (American Sign Language) club etc.  There is a big line-up for chicken on a stick at the Filipino booth.  The weather is perfect, great attendance and wonderful company.

Good Fest: L to R Sharon, Jeannine & Julie

Good Fest: L to R
Sharon, Jeannine & Julie

Sunday Evening Senior Missionary Pot-Luck Dinner

The Haras, Keyes & McCollums enjoy the gathering of senior missionaries for their monthly pot luck dinner in a luau setting at the PCC. It is the first opportunity for Elder and Sister Keyes to see just how many senior missionaries serve in Laie, Ohau.  Of course the best part of the evening is the wonderful company.

Left side: Elder McCollum & George & sharon Hara Right Side: Elder & Sister Noel,; Elder & Sister Keyes

Left side: Elder McCollum; Sharon & George Hara
Right Side: Sister & Elder Noel,; Sister * Elder Keyes

Article on Queen Elizabeth!

Article on Queen Elizabeth!

When Elder and Sister McCollum open the September 17th issue of this BYUH magazine, they find it very surprising to read a wonderful article about our British Commonwealth Queen!
This magazine has been published for 60 years.  The Hawaiian name means, “the leader”.  It is now published weekly by a staff of 30 students.
Jami and Asykiiha Harvey sisters on left and right sides of Tiyara - all Navajo Nation

Jami and Asykiiha Harvey sisters on left and right sides of Tiyara – all from the Navajo Nation – AZ & UT

Jami and Asykiiha visit the Centre.  Jami is a return missionary and now serving as her ward Young Single Adults Relief Society president here on campus.  BYUH has two Stakes with YSA wards and one stake of married students.


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