Six Month Marker


Elder and Sister McCollum

Elder and Sister McCollum

Elder and Sister McCollum entered the Missionary Training Centre December 29, 2014.  Now it’s July and the sixth month marker has passed!  Elder and Sister McCollum feel that time does go by faster  and faster each week as they serve here on the campus of BYUH. Are Elder and Sister McCollum still having fun?   Read on!


Summer semester ends Mid June.  Classes stop, exams are over, some students head home to the mainland, some students begin full time work on campus or at the PCC etc. Elder and Sister McCollum’s co-workers/missionaries in the CAS leave for travel that was planned before they got their mission call.  So without co-workers and fewer students, CAS is not as busy which gives time for planning for the upcoming New Student Orientation the last week of July and the Fall Semester with classes beginning August 3rd.

There is lots to do but they decide NOW is a good time to “play” tourist for a day or two since they have use of a CAR while R&K’s are away (read more below).


This viewpoint is one of Oahu’s most popular scenic spots with panoramic views of Windward Oahu and the Koolau mountain range. The site is perched over a thousand feet above the Oahu coastline amid mountain peaks shrouded by clouds.  The views from the stone terrace overlooks the town of Kaneohe and the USA Marine Corps Base.  It was VERY VERY windy the day we visited.   You can tell from the look on Elder McCollum’s face!

Elder McCollum - WINDY DAY at Pali Lookout.

Elder McCollum – WINDY DAY at Pali Lookout.


This is the view from the Pali Lookout – just tremendous.


Elder McCollum shops for a snorkelling kit; they head to the beach at Turtle Bay Resort, just west of Laie.  The cove at Turtle Bay is a great place to snorkel because it is protected by a natural rocky bay from the ocean waves.  The water was clear and the ocean flat so he got great views of sea life.  Sister McCollum kept watch on the beach!



The Kualoa Ranch is 4000 acres of beauty, history and adventure! King Kamehameha sold an original 622 areas in 1850 to Dr. G. Judd, a personal advisor to the King. Eventually family members expanded the ranch to 4000 acres.  Today the tourist business and ranch are operated by the Morgan Family, descendants of Dr. Judd.  

During WWII, the US military operated an airstrip on the ranch.  There are still concrete tunnels (remnants of WWII) and viewing them is part of the tourist movie tour.

Chinaman's Hat island is named after its shape and is also known as Mokolii.

Chinaman’s Hat island is named after its shape and is also known as Mokolii. This off shore island is part of the ranch.

The Ranch is just as big a north shore tourist attraction as the PCC.  There are many activities:  Ocean Voyage tour, Fish Pond and Tropical Garden Tour, Jungle Expedition Tour, Secret Island Beach Activities, driving an All Terrain Vehicle or horseback rides around the ranch, Zip Line, “All you can Eat” Ranch Buffet and Tour of Hollywood Movie sites. As you may have already guessed, Elder and Sister McCollum choose the less adventuresome, Movie Tour!

This photo shows a view of the Kamehameha Highway along the Northshore as the tour enters the Valley on the Ranch.

View from the Tour bus  .

View from the Tour bus


Entrance to WWII tunnel.

Drawings of WWII tunnels and lookout.

Drawings of WWII tunnels and lookout.

Yes, the previous and new "Jurassic World" movies were filmed in this valley.

Yes, the previous and new “Jurassic World” movies were filmed in this valley.

So are you wondering just what other moves were filmed on this ranch. Here is a list:   FAST FORWARD IF YOU GET TIRED OF READING!

  • Mister Rogers, 1955
  • In Harm’s Way, 1965
  • Paradise Hawaiian Style, 1966
  • Karate Kid, 1986
  • Revealing Evidence, 1990
  • Jurassic Park, 1993
  • Very Brady Sequel 1996
  • George of the Jungle, 1997
  • Mighty Joe Young, 1998
  • Krippendorf Tribe, 1998
  • Godzilla, 2000
  • Pearl Harbor, 2001
  • Windtalkers, 2002
  • Tears of the Sun, 2003
  • The Rundown, 2003
  • Along Came Polly, 2003
  • Soul Surfer, 2003
  • Fifty First Dates, 2004
  • Along Came Polly, 2004
  • You, Me & Dupree, 2006
  • Journey 2, Mysterious Island, 2012
  • Battleship,  2012
  • Hunger Games, 2013
  • Tales of the Gold Monkey, 1982
  • Hart to Hart, 1984
  • Blood & Orchids, 1985
  • Island Songs, 1986
  • Jake & the Fatman, 1988-1992
  • Revealing Evidence, 1990
  • Raven, 1992
  • Byrds of Paradise (TV), 1993-1994
  • One West Waikiki, 1994-1995
  • E.R., 1994-2009
  • Fantasy Island (TV), 1998-1999
  • Magnum PI (TV), 1980-1988
  • North Shore, 2004-2005
  • Lost (TV), 2004-2010
  • Off the Map, 2011-2012
  • The River, 2012
  • Amazing Race, 2012
  • Auction Hunters, 2012
  • The Biggest Loser, 2012
  • The Last Resort, 2012
  • Storage Hunters, 2013
  • Hawaii 5-0 (TV, old & new versions) 1968-1980 & 2010 to present

The tour bus has no windows so the air flows freely to keep tourists cool.

Expensive but a good tour with a great guide.

$35 each but a very good 90 minute tour with a great guide.

Hawaiian McCollums Visit Colorado McCollums

As mentioned, Elder & Sister McCollum are using R&K’s car while R,K,S & H fly to Colorado for a reunion with Kimberly’s, “Smith family”.  R,K,S & H also get to spend a weekend with Robb’s brother Glen & family.  (Glen is the 3rd child of Elder and Sister McCollum; Robb is the 5th child in their family.)

Cousins Visit:  L to R: Cooper(10y), Henry, Samuel, Thayer(15y), Ethan(18y)

McCollum Cousins Visit  in Fort Collins CO- L to R:                                                                                   Cooper(10y), Henry, Samuel, Thayer(15y), Ethan(18y)

This is a photo of 5 of the 13 grandsons of Elder and Sister McCollum.  Yes, there are McCollum granddaughters: FOUR.

The Hawaiian McCollums enjoy their time in the US Rockies.

Robb & Kimberly - Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado USA

Robb & Kimberly – Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado USA

Henry & Samuel find a Moose in Colorado

Henry & Samuel find a Moose in Colorado


Elder and Sister McCollum continue working with an Hungarian student with financial difficulties.  This student is not from a country/area targeted by the BYUH IWORK program nor eligible for programs from her home country. (Her financial sponsor backed out after her first semester at BYUH.)

This student comes into CAS to share news!!  She has received an email from an Hungarian friend that attends BYU Provo.  He will donate a violin to be sold  to supplement her income!  Elder and Sister McCollum will lend some support and advice.

One afternoon, Elder and Sister McCollum ride their bikes over to the PCC for an ice cream break.  Leaving the Banyon Tree take-out restaurant, a young Asian man approaches, reads their name tags and says, “Hello Elder and Sister McCollum. When may I meet with you?”  Usually Elder and Sister McCollum seek out students to offer help.  Amulek (his”English” name) some how knew to come ask for CAS assistance. (Later they discover, Amulek recognizes them from when Elder McCollum gave his high council talk in Amulek’s ward.)

LIFE GOES ON FOR THE MCCOLLUM & BERRY FAMILIES                                in BC, AB, CO, OR

Yes, Elder and Sister McCollum are missing their family back on the mainland USA and in Canada. They enjoy hearing news and seeing photos.

ALBERTA    Grandsons: Hunter(13), Maxwell(10) and Cooper (7) have a fun day in Waterton Lakes National Park.

Grandsons enjoying bike ride in Waterton town site.

Grandsons enjoying bike ride in Waterton town site.

View from Watertown townsite - Prince of Wales Hotel.

View of Prince of Wales Hotel – from Waterton townsite.

Waterton is Elder & Sister McCollum’s favourite place.  Why?

Elder McCollum (who grew up near Niagara Falls Ontario over 2000 miles away) knows that it is no coincidence that in 1962 he meets an LDS young woman from Alberta while they are both camping in Waterton.  Many letters and five years later, Sam joins the Church, they marry and are sealed in the Cardston Temple January 9, 1969.

CALGARY  – Stampede fever begins to hit the city.  Check out our grandchildren.

Yee-Ha! It's Stampede Time in Calgary!

“Yee-Ha!” from grandchildren: Lincoln and Autumn

Summer fun: Lincoln, Autumn and Baby brother Ryder

Summer fun: Lincoln, Autumn and Baby brother Ryder/children of Andrew & Andrea.

OTTAWA – conference and tourist fun for Brett & Samantha McCollum, Elder and Sister McCollum’s 6th child and his wife.  Both teach at Mount Royal University, Calgary Alberta.

Brett and Samantha McC in Ottawa

Brett and Samantha McC in Ottawa

BRITISH COLUMBIA      Granddaughter Nyah (14y) at riding lessons, Victoria BC, daughter of oldest son, Cliff and his wife Deanna.


OREGON USA – Grandsons Logan (16y) and Rowan (15y) enjoying the Oregon coast, sons of daughter Leah and her husband Jason Berry.

Logan and Rowan Berry on Oregon Coast.

Logan and Rowan Berry on Oregon Coast.

COLORADO   Elder & Sister McCollum’s son Glen and their grandson Cooper at a camp-out in Colorado. Their family adds a new member!


Glen and Cooper (10y) camping in Rocky Mountains


Cooper with Pippin (an Australian Terrier)


  1. Oonagh Keeler

    It’s great to hear of your touring adventures and seeing the terrific photos. We are experiencing extreme heat here where most lawns have dried up and the farmers are anxious about watering regulations. You will be pleased to know that Vera Lloyd has done so well in the online studies you encouraged her to take. Her confidence level has greatly increased and she is now encouraging others to do the same.
    Love Oonagh

  2. Sharon

    So wonderful to hear from you and “meet” your family members! We mention you often and think of you often well. We hoe to see you in September as we are coming to Hawaii and will stay close to the PCC. It is a delayed gift to G for our anniversary from back in April. We hope to see Earl W also who says he knows your son I believe. I forget but I think it is your son. We will catch you up on Ward happenings. Hugs from Haras!

  3. Linda Arnold

    Wow, love all the beautiful photos and stories, good to see photos of all your family too. I am sure the next 6 months will go by even faster. What an amazing mission.
    We send our love. Brian and Linda

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