We Gain When We Give Away

Luke 6:38 “Give and it shall be given unto you….the same measure that you mete it shall be measured to you again.”

Elder and Sister McCollum with their ward RS President Crystal H and her husband.

Elder and Sister McCollum with their ward RS President Crystal H and her husband (both from Taiwan)

As mentioned before, Senior Missionaries are assigned to attend one of the student wards. Elder and Sister McC are assigned to BYUH 3rd Married Student Ward. Just so our “friends of the gospel” understand, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not have paid clergy. The Stake Leaders ponder and pray before calling a Bishop to preside over a ward; the bishop is expected to fulfill this calling in his “leisure time” and still have his full time job to support himself and his family. Sometimes the Bishop and his two counselors (whom the bishop has chosen, also through pondering and prayer) speak in Sacrament Meeting, but most often ward members are called upon to speak with a scripture/topic and usually are assigned ahead of time so they may prepare.

A few weeks ago, Kerry W. from Japan shared 3 wonderful experiences from her life that testify that “we gain when we give away.”

#1 Experience: When KW first came to BYUH as a student, within a few weeks her father lost his job. Fortunately she was able to get a job on campus. When she received her first pay cheque, she had a choice: pay her tithing or pay the rent for her Hale (Hawaii term for dormatory). In faith, Kerry paid her tithing. The next day she found out she had received a scholarship for which she had unknowingly qualified. It was for slightly more money than her rent.

Hale on Campus of BYUH

Hale on Campus of BYUH

Women’s Hale BYUH

#2 Experience:  While on her mission in Brazil, this young Japanese woman missionary and her companion used most of their money for the bus to travel to teach, meet with others and go to the church. It was near the end of the month and they had no money for food. They met a member on the street who gave them some food, but as they walked home they ended up giving their food to a very poor man that they felt needed it more than they did.   She said that as they went to hcurch the next day, “Our stomachs were crying for food.” As they came into the church building, the Relief Society President handed them a large basket of food she had collected for them.


#3 Experience:  While Kerry was home from university visiting her family and earning money to go back to BYUH, her mother’s friend asked if KW might volunteer to teach English to her.  The volunteer teaching took about 9 hours a day/once a week (traveling & teaching) but Kerry felt as though she needed to do this service for her mother’s friend because this woman had stopped attending church.  Kerry felt that perhaps she might share with this woman a portion of the spirit and teach of our Savior.  Before Kerry left Japan to return to BYUH, she was married in the LDS Tokyo temple. The woman who was her mother’s friend was again attending church and even went to their temple wedding.  This wealthy woman surprised the married couple with a gift, a honeymoon at Toyko Disney Resort.

Toyko Japan LDS Temple

Toyko Japan LDS Temple

Elder and Sister McCollum feel that they too GAIN as they GIVE of their time, serving their mission at BYUH, Laie Hawaii by receiving the “growing” blessing of a healthy little grandson.

Grandson Ryder Dawson McCollum born February 23, 2015 with Hawaiian ABC Quilt sent to him from HI.

Grandson Ryder Dawson McCollum born February 23, 2015 with Hawaiian ABC Quilt sent to him from his grandparents in HI.

Hawaiian ABC’s

A       Aloha: in the Hawaiian language means affection, peace, compassion and   mercy. Nowadays it means, “Hello” and “Goodbye”. We do begin each meeting by the person conducting saying, “Aloha” and the audience or congragation replies, “Aloha”. B      Banana

C       Canoe


E       Eel

F       Flowers: plumaria, orchid, bird of paradise

G       Gecko

      Hibiscus – yellow/red/pink  (The street from the ocean up to the temple is lined  with hibiscus bushes that have very large flowers.

       Ipu (a large gourd used for making drums)


K       Koi Fish


M      Muu Muu

      Net for fishing



Q       Quilt – Hawaiian style




U       Ukulele – small 4 string guitar-like instrument

V       Volcanoes

W      Waves

X       Xylophone – no x in the Hawaiian language.


Z       Zebra ! The Hawaiian language has no letter Z so there are not any words with this letter.


Found this decorating job across the street on Friday!

Found this “orange” decorating job across the street on Friday!

Saturday Morning the coverings were removed.

Saturday Morning the coverings were removed.

Termites Exterminated!

Dry wood Termites Exterminated!


Elder and Sister McCollum attend Stake Conference with the six married student wards that make up the Stake.  The visiting general authority, the Laie Temple President and his wife, and the Hawaii Honolulu Mission President  Warner and his wife were all wearing fresh flower leis.

Floral Center Piece for Stake Conference.

Floral Center Piece for Stake Conference.

Elder and Sister McCollum are friends with Amarjargal (Saku) and Munkh-Od(Mo) Bayarsaikhan, a young married couple from Mongolia who are students at BYUH. Saku (pronounced Sa-koo) attends the Spousal English Class.  When in the Center for Academic Success, Saku shows her country to Sister McCollum on the world map which is hanging on the wall.  Saku points to Mongolia, Russia and China and says, “These countries are all dark. The members of the church in Mongolia are working towards bringing “light” to this part of the world by living faithful lives and praying that an LDS Temple will soon be built in Mongolia!

Saku and ____ with the McCollums at Stake Confernce.

Saku and Mo with the McCollums at Stake Confernce.

"Sam" in Mongolian

Saku taught Elder McCollum his name in Mongolian: “Sam”

SPOUSAL ENGLISH CLASSES: Tuesday/Thursday 5:30 – 6:30 pm

Elder and Sister McCollum continue to enjoy supporting this class which has changed times and location, from the GCB (General Classroom building on campus) to the Church Stake Center, room 110 RS Room (south).  It is now in a much prefered setting!  Bringing lunch and dinner/supper meals with them to campus on Tuesdays/Thursdays they eat supper after closing the Center for Academic Success.  If students arrive at the Center at 4:30 pm needing assistance or just a listening ear, dinner is delayed until after  the English class.

Elder McCollum with Caleb

Elder McCollum with Caleb

Caleb’s mommy Rachel is from Taiwan.  She served a mission on Temple Square SLC.

Saku, Lei and new student.

Saku, Lei and new student.

Annie, Crystal and Rhoda

Annie, Crystal and Rhuda

Rachel and friend

Rachel and Cynthia

As Elder and Sister McCollum give of their love and time to the students and their families at BYUH, they enjoy good health, enjoy the guidance of the Holy Spirit and receive daily blessings. “We Gain When We Give Away!”


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    Congratulations first of all on the arrival of your grandson! How exciting! Tiesters welcomed a little daughter into their lives. Very wonderful for them! Robert S will be taking out his endowments this week! Amy took hers out recently and often attends the temple for hours to serve in behalf of loved ones….very cool! I am tired suddenly so will say goodnight for now, miss YA and think of you often!

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