Sunday at the MTC

Sunday, a wonderful “first” day at the MTC.  Breakfast is followed by Sacrament Meeting at 8:15 am, all in the Wilford Woodruff  Administration Building (19 buildings in complex).  Walk to Lorenzo Snow mult-ipurpose building to view broadcast, “Music & the Spoken Word”; then Elder McCollum attends  Priesthood and Sister McCollum Relief Society.  Lunch in the MTC cafeteria; senior missionaries are a minority today (2 couples and a single sister).  Time for a much needed nap.

After dinner, we attend a “Departure Devotional.  300 missionaries depart to all corners of the world in the next three days.

Another Devotional with congregational prelude-singing.  The spirit fills  the room as the young missionary voices sing, “Onward Christian Soldiers.”

Richard Elliott, the organist for the Tabernacle Choir Organist. His foot work is as amazing as his hands.  He plays, “Go Tell It On The Mountain” with only his feet!  Sister McCollum is touched as he plays “Good King Wencenles”, the first Christmas Carol she learned to play on the piano.  His rendition of Nut Cracker Suite sounds like there is an entire orchestra in the room.


When the next guest speaker came into the room, there is a ripple of excitement!!  David Archuleta is well know for being runner-up at the 2008 American Idol.  March 2014 Brother Archuleta returned from a two year mission in Chile.  While serving his mission, he was asked to record the closing song, “Glorious” for the movie “Meet The Mormons”.

David Archuleta

Brother Archuleta shared a sacred angel story from his family history.  His grandmother (living in Honduras)  had met sister missionaries and they taught her one discussion, inviting her to church.  Sunday morning, she heard “angels” singing.  At church, the opening hymn, “Come, Come Ye Saints”, caused her to cry.  The “angel music” that she had heard early that morning was the same LDS pioneer hymn.

The entire audience appreciated the seven songs he shared.

There are several different choices of films to view but we choose R&R in our lovely room.  A perfect Sabbath Day and memorable start to our missionary training.


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